How do I take wallpaper off the wall?

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  • Here is a video on how to take wallpaper off:

  • Joan Joan on Feb 04, 2019

    Fabric softener and water in spray bottle, spray generously and let sit awhile then state peeling it off

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Feb 04, 2019

    Hi Shirley, sorry you are taking off wallpaper, not a fun job. Hope this video helps you get the job done easier and quicker. Good luck out 3,560,000 results (0.51 seconds)

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 04, 2019

    Start by peeling the face off the paper as much as possible which will expose the paper backing with adhesive. If you cannot get to the backing, you can score the paper with a tool called "paper tiger". Be careful not to apply too much pressure as it can dimple the wall beneath the wallpaper.

    Mix 50/50 warm water & fabric softener in a spray bottle. You can also use a garden sprayer. Some people say to use warm water & vinegar but I have not used it so cannot attest to how effective it is.

    Saturate the wallpaper adhesive and wait 10-15 minutes, giving the mixture time to melt the adhesive.

    Using a plastic putty scraper to remove the wallpaper from the wall.

    Wash the wall with warm soapy water, I use Blue Dawn, and a lint free towel like microfiber.

    I have used a steamer but it didn't do as good a job as this. Plus it can damage the dry wall beneath if it wasn't sealed properly.