Feeling proud: What do you think of our Laundry Room Facelift?

We'd been living with a laundry room with blue walls since we moved into our home 11 years ago. After numerous other projects around the house, we finally got around to the laundry room. My husband started by installing a tile backsplash around the sink area. Next, we painted the walls a more neutral color and added border wallpaper. Finally, we added a shelf behind the washer and dryer for decorative items and a table from Hobby Lobby for folding laundry. I love the way it turned out!

e laundry room facelift

tile backsplash

e laundry room facelift

e laundry room facelift

border paper and folding table
  5 answers
  • Cindy Jo Cindy Jo on Mar 27, 2017
    It looks so cheerful! Great job!!

  • Bon13995887 Bon13995887 on Mar 28, 2017
    Thank you. I think it's much more cheerful now too.

  • Lynn Murphy-Picker Lynn Murphy-Picker on Mar 31, 2017
    Looks great. You did a very nice transformation.

  • Crispin Crispin on Apr 03, 2017
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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on May 21, 2017
    You have an actual laundry room for an entrance. Ours is called a utility room. It has a wash, dryer, and extra fridge, and enough room to walk to the kitchen. Your backsplash is well done. The laundry folding table is just the right size. I'm not sure what the machines on the table are. The border really adds depth to the room. All the little stuffed animals might get very dusty, but at least they are displayed neatly. I like the rustic touches, although I would paint the cabinets. You can be really proud, @Bonnie.prokop. Best wishes 😇 .