Do I need to remove bathtub before replacing subfloor?

the floor in my bathroom is rotted and I need to replace it. The room is small and bathtub won’t fit out door without removing frame. What is best way to replace floor?

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  • Bijous Bijous on Jun 28, 2018

    Hi Constance, if the floor is rotted, it's possible it is also rotted under the tub. Best to do the job right and check. That may mean removing the tub. You'll be glad you did in the long run rather than just putting a band-aid on a broken bone...

  • Oliva Oliva on Jun 28, 2018

    Yes. There is no point in replacing floor and subfloor if you'll still have rotted flooring beneath a heavy tub. You may also find pin point holes in the water and waste lines below the floor. If you replace the tub, make sure any subflooring/flooring you install will support the tub weight. Older homes used different woods in some areas of the home. "New growth" timber may not be as structurally stable, and may need reinforced. If you decide to tile the bath, research the tile product before purchase. Some ceramic/porcelain tile/grout is better made to withstand water/weight/dropped items. Save yourself a headache in the future by researching now. Grades of tile come in numbers 1 to 5, with 4 and 5 being better grades.

  • Constance Williamson Constance Williamson on Jun 29, 2018

    But is it possible to just maneuver the tub within the small confines of the bathroom without tearing out door and frame.