How do I repair burn marks in hard wood floors?

by LuAnn
We had an incident with a candle and it caused some burn marks in my floors... does anyone have any ideas on how to repair the burn marks? Please help!!icon
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  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 01, 2017

    I may sand a tiny bit and leave the MAKES that old look !!!

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Oct 01, 2017

    you're going to have to sand at least a little bit to see if it's actually into the wood - or just the finish --

  • Weepnseoul Weepnseoul on Oct 01, 2017

    LIGHTLY scrape away with a razor blade or utility knife, (always go with the grain of the wood), if you have small spots, you can use corner of razor blade to get them and/or a little piece of steel wool Clean the surface completely and then wit ha clean cloth, dab on Tung oil. if another coat is needed, let dry, then apply more.

  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 01, 2017

    How to remove pet urine stain from hard wood floors.?

    • Geeswonderland Geeswonderland on Oct 02, 2017

      Baking soda over the spot(s) and a spray bottle with vinegar which will cause the baking soda to bubble it up, you might have to do a couple times..if the baking soda becomes a problem let it dry and vacuum up instead of wiping it up!!

  • LuAnn Roberts LuAnn Roberts on Oct 02, 2017

    Elaine, when you find this answer, let me know! I think I have to sand the floors, bleach the wood and re-finish!

  • Juli Juli on Oct 04, 2017

    I would touch it up with some paint that you think would be about the color of the wood if it was raw wood. Or a color that would be close to the gold color in the wood. After the paint is dry, I would put some stain on it about same color as the darker streaks in the wood. Then wipe off the stain to make it look like the darker streaks in the wood. When the stain is dry, and you like how it looks, varnish over the spot. If you don't like it, keep experimenting until you get the correct color combination. You might want to experiment on another piece of wood, or a piece of cardboard first.

    • LuAnn LuAnn on Oct 04, 2017

      Oh my goodness thank u so much! I appreciate the advice and am sure gonna try it! Thanks again

  • Deanna Maidwell Deanna Maidwell on Oct 05, 2017

    I would sand it and try applying some coconut oil.. I use it on floors...

  • LuAnn LuAnn on Oct 05, 2017