I have hard wood floors old no carpet,cats,dogs help!!

Floor is splintering and discoloring the house was built in 1910 organal floor

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  • Lissa Madsen Lissa Madsen on May 02, 2018
    I need this question too ! 120year old house ! Lol

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on May 02, 2018
    Get area rugs.

  • Gk Gk on May 02, 2018
    Perhaps it is time to redo the floor by renting a floor sander and then redoing the stain and applying a clear finish. You can also make repairs to the pieces that are splintering but you may have to special order the wood replacements because the sizes from years ago are different than you can buy now or you can take pieces from hidden areas like closets. It is a big job but to be able to keep wood floors that are that old is priceless.

  • 71729639726 71729639726 on May 02, 2018
    I'm affraid you will have to sand the entire floor and fill any deep gouge's in the wood . Then you can stain and seal the wood. This is a daunting job and I would recommend that you hire a professional to do this. It is labor intensive and very problematic . Industrial floorsanders can eat into the wood very quickly and make your floors noticeable uneven.