Need help chosing rug for Red Plain Sofa

We are getting a new sofa and chair and I need suggestions on which area rug to get. Our room is only 15' x 13' and I don't want it to look too crowded or busy. The sofa is tomato red, sage green and cream plaid and the chair is a darker antique paisley.The decorator at the furniture store talked us into this combo. Now I need a rug to bring it all together and still keep it light. Here are some pictures of the sofa fabric and a couple of the rugs I've looked at. We like the country primitive decor. Pick one and let me know what you would chose. Thanks for your help.
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Plaid sofa and solid throw pillows we chose.
q need help chosing rug for red plain sofa, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, reupholster, 1
q need help chosing rug for red plain sofa, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, reupholster, 2
q need help chosing rug for red plain sofa, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, reupholster, 3
q need help chosing rug for red plain sofa, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, reupholster, 4
q need help chosing rug for red plain sofa, home decor, living room ideas, painted furniture, reupholster, 5
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  • Shari Shari on Feb 26, 2014
    Based on the snippets of rug we can see, I lean toward #3 and #4 equally. You already have a lot of red so I don't think a rug with a lot more red is going to keep things light. Plus, with a predominately red rug, you may have problems with the reds clashing because of either blue or orange undertones. (On my monitor, the red in #1 seems to have very strong orange undertones that I don't see in your fabric.) I like that #3 and #4 have a light background (to give a more light and airy look and feel). The smaller doses of red and green in them will give a cohesive, coordinated look with your upholstery without being overwhelming. (I almost think I favor #4 slightly more than #3.)

  • Cathy Murphy Cathy Murphy on Feb 26, 2014
    I've been leaning more to #3 because of the old fashioned look. These pictures really don't show the true colors. I agree that I need the lighter background, I think....LOL I think the red would be too dark, too.

    • Shari Shari on Feb 26, 2014
      @Cathy Murphy Usually when you are drawn to something, there is generally a good reason. I would not hesitate to get #3. It would be a good choice, in my humble opinion. :)

  • KathrynElizabeth Etier KathrynElizabeth Etier on Feb 26, 2014
    I like #3 the best; I think it's the most adaptable should you decide to move the carpet to another room some time in the future. It's pretty and it won't compete with your furniture.

  • Matty watts Matty watts on Feb 26, 2014
    3 & or 5

  • Kathy Ayers Kathy Ayers on Feb 26, 2014
    I really like 3 as long as the colors are right on. Fun color combos :)

  • Art House Art House on Feb 26, 2014
    As a Realtor who has seen thousands of homes in my over 20 yrs., I vote for #1. If the rest of the room is fairly simply decorated without too many other objects then the focal point can be your furniture supported by the rug. If the room has quite a few other objects then perhaps a solid rug with a textured design might go well. Whatever you end up choosing will be the right combination, if it pleases you.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 26, 2014
    #3, but also a solid for a change; it could be any one of the colors in the plaid sofa, and/or same color of cushions. i'm not too good on print rugs, only if its used with a solid color sofa. good luck. the first 2 rugs are too busy for me.

  • Madison McGahan Madison McGahan on Feb 26, 2014
    I'm a home stager....I'd do #1 if it were me

  • Debbie L Debbie L on Feb 27, 2014
    # 3, seems like there is enough red and this would complement the color scheme. Love these colors , i have them as well.

  • Cathy Murphy Cathy Murphy on Feb 27, 2014
    #3 is ahead and then #1. These are the two I like the most.

  • Gu3mom Gu3mom on Feb 27, 2014
    Definitely #4 because of the light/neutral background and how the subtle squares in the pattern hint at the squares in the plaid. The border also draws on those right angles and the oval leaves will pick up the "dew drop" shapes in the paisley. (Second choice is #5.) Post a pic when the room is done!!

  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Feb 28, 2014
    I like #1

  • MM&D MM&D on Feb 28, 2014
    I loved number 1 immediately.

  • Rosa Marie Rosa Marie on Feb 28, 2014
    I think a red ( to match) and cream with tiny calico flowers would be best and more fitting with the furniture. And not make it so busy. I just think the patterns on these are too large. I guess I am trying to say it will take away from your sofa.

  • Cyndie S Cyndie S on Feb 28, 2014
    #3 or #5, because of scale. Thinking #5 with a darker background to ground the room, rather than #3, which may appear to "float" bec it's lighter color and pattern. As a decorator, I try 2 or 3 rugs in a room and return what doesn't work. Have fun choosing!

  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga Elizabeth Sagarminaga on Feb 28, 2014
    I like # 1. I think it will be a super continuation of the theme started by the sofa and the rug covers, besides having a voice of its own. Besides, it is in classic shades and design. Cannot go wrong with this. If possible, actually team them up in a trial round and then take a call.

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Feb 28, 2014
    I like #4 because it gives he feeling of openness. It is not too busy to detract from the other fabrics. Where did you get? Or where is it available? Please let us know/show what you decide.

  • Cheri Dittler Cheri Dittler on Feb 28, 2014
    I suggest that you find a solid color rug that is one of the colors in the plaid pillows. it will not be too busy that way

  • Hapngirl Hapngirl on Feb 28, 2014
    I would do #1.and if not that number #3.

  • Starr Starr on Feb 28, 2014
    I would pick a neutral sisal or sea grass. You have enough pattern going on with sofa and chair

    • Katie Katie on Mar 01, 2014
      @Starr I agree with Starr. You may it the patterns and colours overwhelming.

  • Cathy Cottrell Cathy Cottrell on Feb 28, 2014
    With a plaid sofa, I think the rugs are toooo busy and would compete with the patterns. I would get a neutral small print rug or a solid.

  • Joan Sircy Joan Sircy on Feb 28, 2014
    I agree with Cathy. The rugs in the pictures are too busy. Plus you have a plaid couch and a paisley chair. I'd choose one of the colors in the couch or chair and accent the room with that color. A solid textured rug would be nice with accent flowers and vases. Maybe a large one you can sit on the floor.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Feb 28, 2014
    The rugs are toooo BUSY....I would choose a solid color, your plaid looks like it has GREY in it??? Solid color with a solid color trim??

  • Carol Carol on Feb 28, 2014
    4 is my favorite followed by 3. I would opt for isle sage green walls and cream carpet or cream walls and light sage green carpet.

  • Opal Opal on Feb 28, 2014
    Love the red. I would pick #4 to contrast with the reds and flow out to the rest of the room. I think 1,2 & 3 are nice but would confine the space and make it feel smaller rather than extending it for the open look. Please post what you decide.

  • Lynn Zawojski Lynn Zawojski on Feb 28, 2014
    The plaid sofa and paisley chair have enough pattern power going on. I would agree with a natural sisal rug, or solid neutral, the beige maybe, or sage.. good size room but already 2 patterns. Neutral rug, and another neutral chair with light colored end tables etc. And if you get drapes, make the pattern(if there is one) tiny and not a lot of color, or wooden blinds (faux) in white would pull the room together without a lot of additional patterns

  • Bonnie D Bonnie D on Feb 28, 2014
    I would go for a solid sage.

  • Yvette Yvette on Feb 28, 2014
    out of these rugs, I would choose #4. the light floor rug with lighten the room and make it seem bigger. It give you another pattern in the room without being overbearing. I compliments the plaid instead of taking away from it by use of squares and rectangles. And add additional interest besides the plaid pillows.

  • Rugsville Rugsville on Mar 01, 2014
    I think #3 or #5 would be best!

  • Margie*Lee Margie*Lee on Mar 01, 2014
    I like 4 or 5. We had the same problem when we bought a red sofa for our living room. I looked and looked but had a horrible time deciding. We finally got a call from the decorator at the furniture store telling us she found the perfect rug for us. It's similar to #5 and perfect for our living room. It's one I never would have picked out in a store on my own.

  • Sharon Carson Dunham Sharon Carson Dunham on Mar 01, 2014
    #4 for me--minimal pattern, brings in your colors plus a complimentary color of sage green....would also go with sage green walls...

  • Kate Chatterton Kate Chatterton on Mar 06, 2014
    I would go along with light rug with little to no pattern, like the green in the plaid upholstery. Otherwise it seems like everything in the room will be fighting for your attention.

  • Cathy Murphy Cathy Murphy on Mar 21, 2014
    Well, we FINALLY got our sofa. I chose the first rug. See what you think.

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    • Cathy Murphy Cathy Murphy on Mar 22, 2014
      @Elaine Simmons Messy husband and his idea to cover. I agree about moving things closer, but will have to do this when hubby is gone...too many holes in the wall, etc. LOL This is a brighter green than I thought we bought, but again hubby loves it. So much so that he painted our bedroom and bathroom the same green.

  • Rosa Marie Rosa Marie on Mar 22, 2014
    I like it! But why do you have the chair all covered up? Doesnt` it have stain guard? If so dirt will wipe ripe off with wet rag. You can buy scotch guard spray to spray both of them.

    • Cathy Murphy Cathy Murphy on Mar 22, 2014
      @Rosa Marie this is my husbands chair and he's afraid he might get something on it...LOL We take the cover off when anyone comes over.

  • Elaine Simmons Elaine Simmons on Mar 22, 2014
    Sometimes you just gotta go along with 'em!

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Mar 22, 2014
    Big sigh and husbands! I had the most boring drapes because he liked the manly micro stripes and weight of them. lol I purchased widow quilts from 5 years ago and donated his favorite ones. Red flowery pattern on cream background. He actually loves the punch of color.

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    • Kelly S Kelly S on Jan 22, 2015
      Thanks I didn't get it til now. Widow I don't know Window yes. Overtime at work has made be more befuddled than before. Yes I was a little that way without the OT.

  • Amy Amy on Jun 26, 2014
    Should have went with # 4, looks too busy

  • Susan From Colorado Susan From Colorado on Oct 24, 2014
    Cathy, I think I would have gone with #3.. but what do I know..("sigh").. It would have complimented the green in the new sofa and if you repair and paint the walls, consider an olive green color but not to dark.. we live in a rental and all walls downstairs are an olive in three different shades, but not really enough to notice.. at first it bothered me (especially when I was told I could not paint) and also my sofa & love seat are both olive in a darker shade then the walls.. but I think it is growing on me..Especially since I found some wonderful prints at Hobby Lobby for the walls.... Good luck with the rest of your renovations.. (P.S. by the way, after research on I have discovered that I have a family line in Catawba, NC.. talk about small world) :D

  • Lori Lori on Oct 27, 2014
    Cathy, I would have picked #4 but that's before I knew about "the husband". Now I understand why you chose a busier pattern, to hide the stains he will probably make all over it. Maybe a towel on the floor in front of the chair would keep it clean. I'm teasing you of course, but seriously, life is so short, take that stuff off and enjoy everyday your lovely new furniture. It's for you and him, not to show to company. Think about it.

  • Cherie Cherie on Jan 21, 2015
    I agree - #4 was the best choice but if you like lots of pattern, you picked the best one for you. I often wonder why people ask questions on here, and then don't value the opinions they asked for. Very few picked #1.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Oct 30, 2015
    I always liked the rag rug look with plaids and checks! not among your choices???but ...