Need help in choosing a rug for living room

I think I need a rug in here to anchor everything together. Do you think brown should be the primary color? Should it be a solid or some of pattern. I have been on alot of rug sites and I am totally confused what to go with! The main colors in the room are spice/copper, brown and cream. The chair has a little bit of green and blue in at as well. Would love to see some inspirations and ideas. I always get great advice here.
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  • Mary Mary on Mar 27, 2015
    another view

  • Shirley Matz Shirley Matz on Mar 27, 2015
    I definitely feel that an area Rug is needed to pull it together. Since your table is square I'm not sure if you want to go beyond a square or oval shape though. That is a beautiful room.

  • Home Styling and Staging Home Styling and Staging on Mar 27, 2015
    You do need an area rug, but you have a lot of colors going in that room. I would pick something more neutral with just a small amount of one of your colors. Current design is mostly a two color scenario with a "POP" of a third if at all. Gray, Beige, Tan White and Black do not count as colors. They are all neutrals. If I was doing this room I would pull your wall color into the area rug, maybe a tan and white subtle design. Wish I could see the other side of the room, wondering why you have blocked the entrance to your dining room with the sofa?

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Mar 27, 2015
    Maybe just my app or my eyes, but the colours look pink, burgundy and grey! Quite like the room as it is - looks quite spacious despite large furnishings. The glass table contributes to this open look.

  • Lola Lola on Mar 28, 2015
    Antique kilim rug

  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Mar 28, 2015
    Hi- perhaps something geometric that doesn't actually introduce another color but adds some depth. This cream and taupe geometric rug might work because it has the colors and a geo pattern to complement your pillows and chair.

  • Centrd Centrd on Mar 28, 2015
    It's looking pink and burgundy on my monitor as well, but based on what you described and what works on my monitor, here are a couple of looks that could possibly work in your space. 1.) 2.) It really depends on what you like. I wouldn't go too dark though, with all of the lightness in the room a dark rug could look like a black hole. Pattern or plain, either will work. Personally, I'd like a pattern with low contrast, like a rich old oriental, or an overdyed rug, but I couldn't find anything that worked with your colors. Honestly, so many things would work.

  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Mar 28, 2015
    I can't even give you an answer because by looking at your room you already have a wall to wall carpet. Are you looking for wall to wall carpet or an area rug? I would definitely stay away from shows EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Mar 29, 2015
    Think perhaps the rug and sectional being the same colour is making you think you need an area rug. Expensive, but I would go with hardwood floors and an area rug.

  • Beverly Cady Cabaday Beverly Cady Cabaday on Mar 29, 2015
    With those tables, you definitely have a more contempary look going on. I agree with previous post, maybe something with a geometrical design.

  • Hot air Hot air on Mar 29, 2015
    have you thought of changing layout of sofa etc in the room?

  • Miriam Miriam on Mar 29, 2015
    Hi, Mary. The color scheme you described sounds beautiful and I love the look. I would use a rectangular shaped area rug half-way underneath the sofa, covering the area to include the coffee table. The color should be darker in contrast to the sofa. You mentioned the chair had some blue and green. I would try an aqua color as it incorporates both blue and green and it is a beautiful contrast against copper and spice that not only pulls the look together, but also adds a punch of color. I don't think it matters whether it is a solid or printed design. It's up to you and your taste. Please post a picture of your chosen rug. I'd love to see how it looks..

  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Mar 30, 2015
    Different lay out of furniture, looks like the sectional sofa blocks doorway to Dining Room. more light is needed in Corner behind Sofa.. yes something geometric with lots of Texture would anchor the area ... I would move the Chair to the Short wall by the Doorway to DR. to open the Area for walking into the DR .....and it would create a Focal point there...with some wall art. other wise its too modern style for me.....