Need to seal and waterproof balcony

I have a balcony that is above my garage and it is leaking. Does anyone know of a good product that you paint on that seals and protects your balcony?
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  • D & K D & K on Apr 09, 2015
    Is your balcony a flat smooth solid surface or is it built like a deck? If it's flat and solid surface there are a few white colored paint on roof coatings that you could apply to your balcony to seal it and stop the leaks. Although if If the area is holding water after it rains they won't work. You'd have to figure a way to get the standing water to drain. Be sure to read the directions, clean the old surface well and don't skimp on the amount you apply. You don't want to have to do it again any time soon and you'd also want to find one that has a warranty of 10+ years. There are several quality brands to choose from. Home Depot, Lowes or a good building supply will carry them.
  • Janice Thornhill Gats Janice Thornhill Gats on Apr 09, 2015
    Dennis, It is a flat surface and was told I could use Rust-o-leum Restore 10x. Will this work if it is not a wood deck?
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    • Marge Ellis Marge Ellis on Apr 10, 2015
      @D & K Thanks for the info Dennis. Sounds like what is happening here because my garage floor is also moist. I could open the kitchen door and use it as a 3 season room. That way the moisture would evaporate quicker and resolve the problem. This is why I was reluctant to paint due to the slipping factor.
  • Janice Thornhill Gats Janice Thornhill Gats on Apr 09, 2015
    Thank you I will look into that. I appreciate your comments.
  • Alex Larson Alex Larson on Feb 03, 2016
    Hello there! try to use liquid rubber. Ther are are especially suitable when faced with various obstacles on balconies. You can basically easily seal any cracks and waterproof around the obstacle. Try to use these waterproofing materials Liquid rubber really provides a tough weather resistant finish with good wear properties. Others methods are really dead as dodo)