How can I repair a space in vinyl plank flooring?


We have a space that occured in our new vinyl plank flooring about 1/16 of an inch running 2 feet. It is black, as the rubber vinyl underneath is black. I do not want to rip up the whole floor to repair it. Any suggestions?

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  • Polly Fuller Polly Fuller on Dec 08, 2018

    need to call the person who installed it to repair it .

  • Elaine Elaine on Dec 08, 2018

    Jim, is the gap in the middle of the floor, or along the edge?

    • Jim Jim on Dec 09, 2018

      the middle of the floor--and My brother-in-law helped me lay the floor. This floor is in Florida, and we go back north for the summer, but the house's a/c is left on with a humidistat

  • Polly Fuller Polly Fuller on Dec 08, 2018

    how about just painting the space to match the floor.

  • Lin Lin on Dec 08, 2018

    Time is your option. Ours swells and gaps with the change of the midwest seasons, but just where it joins on the short ends. My husband is a builder, and that's his experience. I'm sorry I cannot help with the long side problem!

  • Elaine Elaine on Dec 09, 2018

    We had knotty pine tongue and groove in our den in NC. Every winter or late fall, the boards would contract more width than length. Some to the point a crevice tool was used to clear out the gaps. Aggravating.

    1/16” isn’t much and it may be due to the humidity factor. Especially depending on when you laid it. Wood products always swell and shrink, everything expands and contracts, even metal, to some degree. Understanding you leave for Summer, I would wait until summer when FL’s humidity is high and see if it swells shut. I would caution if you repair it now and the humidity expands the compressed wood underneath it, it may buckle. The other thing you might do is see if there’s a wider plank in the remaining stock and replace the board if you can.

    The manufacturer may have an easy fix, check their website.

    Another suggestion is that if the vinyl plank is a floating floor, you just need to take off the shoe molding along the wall closest to the gap and with a flat bar, or cats claw, and some wedges, ease the boards back together.