Where can I buy a large, thick perforated felt area mat?

by Charlotte
Inspired by Charlotte Lancelot's cross stitch furnishings, I would love to attempt a cross stitch floor rug. I've spent hours searching for the base felt mat with no succes. Any ideas??

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 02, 2018

    If you are going to attempt cross stitching, please, start with a small kit- and check to see if it is counted cross stitch. It's not as easy as it looks and can be discouraging. To get your stitches even, takes practice.

  • Malin Malin on Dec 09, 2018

    Hi there -

    did you find something in the end? What did you use?

    Greetings - Malin

    • Charlotte Charlotte on Dec 09, 2018

      I literally spent hours and hours looking for the right mat, then spent hours looking for a 'make do' mat that didn't cost the earth. Still having no luck I had to again try and think outside the box.

      This is when I dumped it in the Too Hard basket for months.

      Project Redesign 3 : I bought a cheap area rug online thinking I could draw up a grid on the back and cross stitch it... so much more time consuming than it sounded in my head so...

      Project Redesign 4 (final) : I found a very simple little cross stitch flower pattern in an image search and replicated it by cutting lengths of yarn and crochet looping each to match 1:1 of each X in the pattern and stitching them into place. So instead of my flowers being made up of X's, my flowers are made up of little tiny flowers.

      I'm Very very happy with the almost finished rug. I'll post photos once finished.

      Hope this clearly answers your question. I'm confused just writing it lol

  • Kalli Jennings Kenney Kalli Jennings Kenney on May 17, 2020


    How did you fare in your search for the perforated felt base? I had the same idea (upon seeing one of her beautiful poufs) and your query came up in my search.