Why might newly installed vinyl floor feel sticky?

by K
Had new vinyl floor installed over old vinyl floor in 2 bathrooms and in the 3rd bathroom, the new vinyl was installed directly on the concrete. All three floors are very sticky when walked on. A cleaning company was called out to "clean" the floors but they still feel sticky under foot. Anyone have any theories??? It's an Armstrong floor - good quality, but not the best.
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  • Are they sticky or are they making a sticky type noise when walking on them? There should be no reason for the floors to have any sticky feel on the surface what so ever.. Armstrong makes a pretty good floor. Unless what ever was used to clean them softened the surface. This is a new one on me. How recently were they installed. Did you purchase the material and the store arranged for the install? If so do nothing more but go to the store and have them come out to evaluate for a warranty issue. Are all floors the same vinyl? Or did you put different patterns in each room? If they are all the same, then its possible that the vinyl is defective. Or if they are different then either it was something that was used to clean them that caused the issue, or something to do with the adhesive used has caused a reaction with the vinyl itself.
  • K K on Aug 05, 2012
    The floors were installed on 7/27/12. Yes, the material was purchased and the store arranged for the install. The two bathrooms (after cleaned) just feel sticky on our feet when we walk -- no sticky noise though. The other bathroom definitely has adhesive on it (can feel and hear it when touched -- feels like touching dry syrup on your fingers) and now a corner, as well as 1/2 the length of the tub is not adhered -- it is "squishy." Do you think the contractor used too much adhesive? Is there such a thing? A reaction with the vinyl ... is it possible for the adhesive to be drawn up through the vinyl to the surface? Thanks for your comments...
  • It does sound like to much adhesive was used by the tub. As they roll the vinyl out any excessive glue may have been pushed to along the tub edge. I would request from the supplier that they come out and evaluate the install and your issues. As it is very possible that they used the wrong glue or did the install incorrectly even if it appears to be fine to your eyes. Not so sure if the glue will work its way through the vinyl itself, but some chemicals in adhesives can cause all sorts of reactions if used with the wrong products.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Aug 06, 2012
    Woodbridge has covered the main points...you might try to "clean" a small test area with some goo gone or other such cleaner. By small I mean a spot 2-3 inches square. Allow this area to dry then test for any sticky issues. Let the supplier and install know you will be testing this...My gut tell me it may be a warranty or install problem.
  • K K on Aug 06, 2012
    Thanks much for the advice and comments! It confirms what I was thinking and will help me with a resolution.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Aug 08, 2012
    Call the stor, the installers and the manufactor. Could be to much glue it could also be what they cleaned them with. Only clean them how the manufactor suggests. Why? You could void the warrenty if you clean them wrong.