Anyone know what these white spots are?

q anyone know what these white spots are
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  • Dfm Dfm on May 23, 2018
    looks like a fungus to me, or may be a moss. Are you having warm humid weather?

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on May 23, 2018
    It looks like lichen. It grows on many trees and does no harm. However, if the foliage or bark starts to show signs of ill health, then the lichen (a symbiotic growth of fungus and algae) may have entered the tree's circulatory system and become parasitic. That, however, is very rare.

  • Betty Betty on May 23, 2018
    Looks like moss to me I have that problem also .it was on my garden shed had to scrap it off rain would not take it off . Am getting the tree remove it is starting to die .it is a ash tree .we have ash bores in WV and killing a lot of trees here .

  • Karen George Karen George on May 24, 2018
    this looks like the moss that grows on the north side of a tree (old way to know what direction you are walking).

  • Trish Sweeton Trish Sweeton on May 24, 2018
    Lichen, type of moss.

  • Amy Crislip Roberts Amy Crislip Roberts on May 24, 2018
    Looks like a maple tree and there was a maple blight that distorted lots of them. It is on my Japanese in a tree service

  • Theresa Theresa on Jun 01, 2018
    spray this on  (Fruit Tree, Vegetable & Ornamental Fungicide, 1 Pint Concentrate)