Citronella oil for porches and fences for insect control?

Marvin R
by Marvin R
I started thinking about remedies for carpenter bees and wondered if i could spray my fences and porch down in citronella oil? I mean after all products that seal your fence usually contain a oil base.I read where carpenter bees do not like the smell and wouldnt it help repel mosquitos also?Whats your thoughts?Would this cause the wood to become rotten?
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  • Well I can't say I know anyone that has tried that... you may wish to look into an additive (added to stain, sealer) like NBS-30 which is used for log cabins & keeps said bees away
  • Marvin R Marvin R on Apr 30, 2013
    Yea ive tried the homemade carpenter bee traps both my fence and porch are unfinished and not painted although i have sealed them with Thompson sealer for protection.I just wonder if it would deter them from drilling into the wood they have really done some damage already this year.
  • Sealing the wood if they have not yet infested the fence is a good idea. I would steer clear of using that type of product Citronella oil however. If the nest has already been established I would suggest that you vacuum the nest in an attempt to remove the bees, then using dusting chemicals that you can purchase at the big box stores dust the inside of the holes. A nose bulb no longer used for small children is perfect for this use. Suck up some of the dust, borax works as well and puff it into the hole. Once done a good quality latex caulk injected and smoothed over the opening works like a charm. The dust will get on any larva that hatches if the eggs are already present and kill off the young. The plugging of the holes will prevent the bees from reusing the same hole opening. The real trick is to fill the hole really well with the caulk. A very tiny hole on the end of the caulking tube does the trick. Place it into the hole and fill it up as much as you can.
  • Marvin R Marvin R on May 01, 2013
    Good tips thanks
    • Rakesh kumar Rakesh kumar on Sep 23, 2018

      Hi Marvin, I am thinking of doing the same. How did you go , was it effective? any downside to it?