Do plants grow taller if left in a small pot? Or the same pot?

Some lady confused me telling me if i wanted plant to grow i needed to leave it in a small or same pot it was in?!

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  • Angela Ley Angela Ley on Jul 18, 2017
    what kind of plant is it ? some plants (most) do not like to be pot bound. If they reach that stage, then you should use a larger pot. Plants such as jade do not like to go to a much larger pot, so next size up is best option. Perhaps we could help more if we knew what type of plant.

    • Claudia Claudia on Jul 19, 2017
      well it was no plant in particular just wanted to know in general for houseplants, right now ive got the spiky thin palm plant that have long stalk ....
      I am Fairly new to having plants i did before but i now have more interest and love having plants around the house, i just get overwhelmed at all times because i dont want to over do it or under do it....
      Thank you so much for replying

  • Patti Patti on Jul 18, 2017
    I'm not a wealth of knowledge when it comes to plants but my thought goes to the horribly deformed feet of Asian females whose feet at childhood were bound up to keep them small. Not a good idea imo. Ya gotta let them puppies breathe!

    • Claudia Claudia on Jul 19, 2017
      OMYGOSH i just had the best laugh in a while . i do agree poor asian ladies the phrase beauty hurts applys nd comes to mind when I saw those feet..
      Thank you for making me laugh ... And im not making fun or disrespecting the asian ladies throwing it out there just in case...

  • 13526476 13526476 on Jul 18, 2017
    Oh my goodness, Patti, I was going to use the foot example (not Asian feet, but kids' feet)!

    For the most part, once a plant has grown to its full potential in the pot, it will become root bound, and: 1) Stop growing, look sickly before it starts dropping its leaves and ultimately dying; or, 2) Become leggy, dropping leaves and ultimately dying. Once appropriately repotted in the next size pot, the plant will quickly regain its health. While it is true there are plants that do not "like" being repotted (moved), they are fewer than those that must be repotted...just check if you're not sure.

  • Claudia Claudia on Jul 18, 2017
    Omg that's what's happening to one of my plants is starting to get leggy and the leaves just keep falling from the bottom... It's also growing so i know my gut feeling but I've been putting it poor lil greñas i cant believe myself sometimes
    Thank you so much for your reply...

  • Joanne Waylett Joanne Waylett on Jul 18, 2017
    experience says to Depot every 6 months if a fast grower or annually for slower plants unti maturity.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jul 19, 2017
    My greatest success comes from repotting the plant when it becomes root-bound. What grows above ground is usually the same size as what's below ground.