How to get grass to grow under pine trees?

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Oct 23, 2018

    Hello Mike,

    I have found Its nearly impossible growing grass under evergreen trees in my experience, Ive been sucessful growing groundcovers like sedum and pachysandra.

    The cooperative extension MG suggested that I mulch areas under trees when I posed the very same grass growing trouble question.

    Good luck- if you find a magical grass seed that works in the shade under evergreen trees —I hope youll post the answer here!

  • Nonni Nonni on Oct 23, 2018

    You probably won't be able to grow grass under pine trees if there is too much shade. A better bet would be to try ground covers and plants that like both acidic soil and shade. If you trim some of the branches off the trees to let in light the tree may not look as good. Some people trim the some of the bottom branches off the tree all the way around so light can get underneath. Also, you may have to add a couple of inches of lawn soil under the tree if the roots of the tree are showing above the ground. I would rake the existing soil before adding new soil.

    The seed you use makes a difference too. You will need to use a seed made for shade. Finally, the soil under trees is usually dry. You would have to keep the area moist enough for the grass to continue to grow after it gets going. If you whole yard is thick with pines you may want to put in an irrigation system.