Huge, heavy planters!

These planters are in my yard, and have been doing nothing but collecting rain- and probably breeding mosquitos, for years.They're so big that I can't afford to buy enough soil to fill them,they're too heavy to move, and I need to move them before I waste money on plants. I tried, and this spot gets too much sun. Any ideas about what I can do? Thinking that if I put a tray or something else on top of each I could turn them into end tables for my patio chairs (but I don't want my patio to look like a junkyard, like I threw things together, which is, in fact, what I'm doing:)
huge heavy planters craft ideas, gardening, 2 somewhat attractive but heavy and big as hell plant pots that I can t move have become a burden
2 somewhat attractive, but heavy and big as hell plant pots that I can't move, have become a burden.
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  • David Mckinney David Mckinney on Nov 21, 2014
    so you don't need as much dirt for them use plastic water bottles in bottom to help fill them up some

  • David Mckinney David Mckinney on Nov 21, 2014
    then top off with potting soil and plants and the water bottles help it drain

  • The Chirping Frog The Chirping Frog on Nov 21, 2014
    do you have a table outside.... if not you could stack them with the bottom one upside down and the top one right side up.... add a top and you've got a table?

  • Dorothy Dorothy on Nov 22, 2014
    You can also put a smaller plastic pot upside down inside each of the big ones (taking up 25% or so of the inside volume of the large pot).....put a little twig or piece of something so that there's a little gap under the edge of the smaller one for drainage. Move the pots to where you want them before filling them. If your place to put them is really sunny you can plant with plants that LIKE sun.....some vegetables come in pot sized plants (patio tomatoes and bush type squash for example)......or sun loving flowers like zinnias, nasturtiums, morning glories (give them a tomato cage to climb all over), short varieties of sunflowers.....or go low maintenance with succulents and cacti.

  • Kim Kim on Nov 22, 2014
    if you know someone with trolley and a bungie cord, you can carefully move them that way. I have also moved large pots by slightly tilting them on their side and 'rolling' them on their bottom edge then used the plastic bottles as suggested above to fill part way If you do make a table - be sure to seal any wood topper used. another use would be to seal any holes and create a water feature. Can add a water plant or two (umbrella plant would look nice with something low growing as well) keeping the water agitated with a bubbler or fountain would keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water.

  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Nov 22, 2014
    I have large ceramic pots that I have put stacked bricks inside, and each spring I buy inexpensive hanging baskets of sun loving petunias, take off the hanger part, and place on the stack of bricks. I have to water them often, and sometimes put a saucer down to hold water, but they look like they are full of soil when they aren't. Bargain: if one dies, throw it away and get another!

  • Angela A Angela A on Nov 22, 2014
    I was going to say the same thing as what David said! I actually saw that on a gardening show where someone's backyard was redone for them. They took really large planters and put plastic bottles in the bottom, THEN put in dirt and the plants on top. was a GREAT idea! and really cuts down on the weight of the planters! then you can still have gorgeous plants in them!

  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Nov 22, 2014
    I have used the trick of the plastic bottles in the bottom.As you can imagine, this lightens the weight of the planter and also makes moredrainage. So watch in the heat of Summerthat your plants have enough water. Ihave also moved large pots with a hand cart/trolley. I grow some vegetables in large pots and Iwant them to have room for the roots. Good luck.

  • SheWhoMustBeHeard SheWhoMustBeHeard on Nov 22, 2014
    You can also find planter stands with castors so you can move the planters more easily. It does take getting them under the heavy ceramic, but once done, you can wheel them wherever you like.

  • Grouchy Grouchy on Nov 22, 2014
    Turn them bottom-side-up and declare them side tables!

  • Dorothy Criswell Dorothy Criswell on Nov 22, 2014
    Fill with packing peants. Keeps them lighter

  • Myrna Engle Myrna Engle on Nov 22, 2014
    These pots are NOT to big. Turn them on their side and then roll them to new spot. If you cannot lift them or move them, how do you think you can get them to the patio to make a table ? You may need help according to physical strength. Never say die. Enjoy your lovely pots.

  • Linda Linda on Nov 23, 2014
    If sing plastic bottles or empty soda cans, place them all inside a heavy duty garbage bag so they will be easier to remove when necessary.

  • ShirleyB ShirleyB on Dec 16, 2014
    fill them with something nice, that will be attractive in the pot and place a piece of glass on top as a side table - you may need those silicon dots to protect the surface of the glass from the rough edge of the pot

  • Rachael Smith Escobar Rachael Smith Escobar on Jan 10, 2015
    Fill it with water, add a pretty water plant and a goldfish to eat the mosquito larvea.

  • Julie Brittian Julie Brittian on Jan 15, 2015
    Make a water fountain, or put a smaller pot in side of the larger ones upside down to help fill in larger area so you don't need so much dirt then stack a medium size pot that complements the larger pot on top and plant some lovely plants or herbs around and in the medium pot . Makes kinda of a totem of plants. Really neat. OR you could just give them to me LOL ;-)

  • Belinda Todd Belinda Todd on Jan 16, 2015
    Plant a small sun loving bush that will last throughout the seasons and then you wont have to change is out.

  • Mary McDonnell Mary McDonnell on Jan 21, 2015
    I have those big pots too, that, when full of soil are impossible to budge! To lighten the load, put those inflated plastic packing bags( that come with Amazon packages) on the bottom. I fill in the cracks with packing peanuts ( if I've got them) to fill in the spaces between the bags. I put about 4-5 inches of soil on top, a spike plant in the center, impatience, geraniums, and any other sun loving flower along with asparagus fern. They love sun! Each summer they are show stoppers - enjoy!

    • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Feb 12, 2015
      @Mary McDonnell thank you- great idea to fill the space with other stuff and put soil and plants on top, where it shows.I'm going to try it:)

  • Julie Yeary Julie Yeary on Jun 26, 2015
    I was wondering what I could do with those inflated bags.

  • Janis Mottershead Janis Mottershead on Jun 26, 2015
    I use the bags and peanuts too, also helps to keep the soil from getting too compacted and they drain well after watering, as a result. Win, win!

  • Marcia@Kalama Marcia@Kalama on Jun 26, 2015
    The peanuts definitely work well and also have used smaller plastic pots inverted on the bottom to fill space.

  • Pen816651 Pen816651 on Jun 26, 2015
    Crushed soda cans work too, and weigh little. They are also readily available!

  • Grainne Grainne on Jun 26, 2015
    Small to medium plastic pots work. Broken pottery, washed gravel, packing peanuts or just broken up styrofoam. I also add peat moss to my potting soil, it helps fill pots, mix well into the potting soil. These are all the things I have successfully used. Good luck. The pots look great. Remember if you don't like their colors( I do) paint them.

    • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jul 08, 2015
      @Grainne thanks for all the ideas!ActuallyI don't mind the colors, II'll try some of your ideas.don't like the location. They get too much sun for plants and require too much soil.

  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 26, 2015
    Cacti and succulents work well, and you don't have to water much. There are many gorgeous, colorful ones w/interesting shapes. Go to any succulent/cactus catalog or website to check some out! Once you plant them you can forget about moving them! Ps they are lovely pots!!

  • Judithcausey Judithcausey on Jun 26, 2015
    I put bricks, broken ceramic pieces, upside down cheap planters - anything to fill up the space. Then gravel (from driveway) to even it out. Leave approx 5" at top for soil & plants that need full sun. I mix potting soil, composted manure & soil from my yard. Petunias, verbena, plumbago, creeping Jenny, impatiens. Too bad you can't bring them over to my house. The bigger, the better. Another suggestion is to find a tree that has seeded another, & plant the baby until it is big enough to plant back in ur yard: crape myrtle, pine trees, oaks, cedar, lilac, dogwood. Hope this helps.

  • Sharon Catania Sharon Catania on Jun 26, 2015
    Make your own soil with compost, bagged or yours, and peat moss and perlite. I found that recipe today on the internet. I plan to try it.

  • Kathy Ruth Kathy Ruth on Jun 28, 2015
    Use the smaller pots idea but use plants that repel mosquitoes and other flying pests. Mints, lemon grass, basil, there are lots of them! I also put dry lawn clippings in the bottom half when I plant in big containers. This adds nutrients, too, as it breaks down over time.

  • Dobi Dobi on Jul 01, 2015
    Hey, I have a planter thats about that size and we transplanted a ficus to it. But my husband is in charge of moving it!!! If you have a lowes around, you can get 40lbs of top soil and the same amount of manure for around $1.41. Thats here in missouri anyway, I can't vouch for a different state!

  • Denise Denise on Aug 02, 2015
    Ask your husband to get you a hand truck, the basic one you move furniture with. Slip the front under your pots, empty or full, and put them where you want them. Easy to move, no heavy lifting!!

  • Mars Mars on Aug 30, 2015
    They are really cool planters, I would love them. You can do a number of things. I like your idea of putting a tray/top on them and making them into end tables for your chairs. Or you can find a long piece of glass , with beveled edges, maybe at a thrift store, or yard sale, and put it across the two planters, use as a coffee table for outside, or even a plant table for smaller potted plants. Like others have said, fill with dirt/soil, it really doesn't cost that much, and put in bug repelling plants. Or even make outdoor fairy gardens out of them. Before you do any of the plant ideas, make sure they are empty and move them to the spot you want , than fill and plant. Good luck, I'm sure it will look great!