I have strawberries growing in pots. How do I winter them in MN?

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  • Judy Judy on Oct 30, 2017
    Plant them, and then cover with leaves, and they will be fine in the spring. They need the winter soil, and all will be fine.

  • Karen Tokarse Karen Tokarse on Oct 30, 2017
    Mail them to me in Georgia; I'll take care of them for you. ;D

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 30, 2017
    Hi, from Minnesota! I always have my strawberries in hanging pots because of all the critters around me. I don't do anything except put them under the shelter of a porch, shrub, whatever is handy. I usually only have to replace a couple of plants in the spring, but they usually are the ones that are a couple of years old already and would need replacing anyway. I have been doing it this way for seventeen years now and will probably continue this way for many more years. I have eight hanging pots on shepherd hooks every year.

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 30, 2017
      Your welcome! Glad I could help a fellow Minnesotan. Snow sticking yet? We are getting a few flurries of sneet (snow + sleet) that is staying on our boat cover tonight, but should be gone in the morning. It is cold way too early this year! Have a great Halloween tomorrow. Expecting kids tomorrow despite the cold. Lots of elementary kids in the neighborhood.