One of our queen palm trees has begun to shed its bark exposing its smooth trunk.

by Alex
(Up to @ 4' from the ground) Do we have a problem? None of the other palm trees show this trait. Thanks.
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  • No Alex you don't have a problem, most Queen Palms are installed at about 14 to 16 foot overall height, and are around 4-5 years old, in the landscaping industry we refer to them as juveniles. As the get older they have more exposed trunk as they become taller and began to shed the old fronds and show more clean trunk, at this point they are referred to as grey Queens. Make sure you use a palm fertilizer 4 times per year to keep the fronds green and trunks nice and fat. If you're still concerned post a pick and I will review it for you. Tom
  • Alex Alex on Sep 16, 2011
    Photos: My neighbor says that it isn't a "queen". Now, I'm not sure. So, I took a picture of the top of the tree. Thank you.
  • Alex Alex on Sep 20, 2011
    Today, a commercial lawn service guy who was working on a lawn a few houses down from me suggested that the problem was probably related to my sprinkler system. He said that the tree looks as though it was getting too much water sprayed on it. I rechecked the alignment even though the system has not been on for awhile because of all the rain. (Don't think it was the cause) Still uncertain as to what to do! It sure does not look attractive. Anyway, he confirmed that it was not a "queen".
  • Alex Alex on Sep 24, 2011
    While I appreciated the answers, I really wasn't sure since I misidentified the tree as a "queen" on the original post. So I did some more research. I have since found out that, based on photos on two web sites and other information form a local gardener, that the shedding is what is referred to as a "natural phenomena". Well, I guess that's it! Thanks to all.
    • Cin48817067 Cin48817067 on Mar 13, 2020

      My palm was "shedding its bark" too. Glad its nothing to worry about...thanks for info

  • Emily Johnson Emily Johnson on Mar 24, 2013
    Thanks for clearing this up, Alex. We have same problem here on several of our palms. Glad its nothing to worry about.
  • Deborah Jackson Deborah Jackson on Jun 24, 2017

    My palms are shedding also but the prongs are also yellow. I haven't fertilized them in several years. what is the best fertilizer to use?