Proper care for a Christmas Cactus and should I repot it soon?


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  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Dec 23, 2017
    Christmas cactus can go for years in the same pot but if yours is a new plant repot after blooming into a pot about one to two inches larger than the present pot. Only water your cactus when it is totally dry. Water from the top and let drain thoroughly. They do need more water when they are blooming.

    • Vivian Vivian on Dec 24, 2017
      This is good advice. Also to make it bloom again the plant need to have cool temp for a short time but not below 40 degrees.

  • Linda Abbott Linda Abbott on Dec 25, 2017
    Christmas Cactus' like to be root bound. Stifle the urge to repot them until you absolutely have to. Mine bloom year round under those conditions. I usually give them a glass of water every week and rarely, if ever, feed them. I've had one going on 17 years in the same pot. Just a side story....when my kids were little, I had them convinced that they had to sing Jingle Bells to the cactus in November or they wouldn't bloom for there they were, standing in front of the cactus, singing Jingle Bells to it every day, starting November 1st. Amazingly, it worked... because after they did that, the cactus bloomed every Christmas. I'm still laughing...and they are in their 40s.