What are the best tips for starting a small tomato plant garden?

I want to learn to grow some great grape, cherry and smaller tomatoes this year. I have a deck where I'd likely keep the planters that is partial sun, but could easily move them to full sun or full shade. Any tips appreciated.

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  • Lesley Owens Lesley Owens on Jan 03, 2018
    1.) Buy from a reputable nursery for best results. 2.) dig holes about 2 feet deep, at least 1 foot across when planting even smaller (4" pots) and the dirt mix with compost. 3.) If you're not opposed to "chemicals" (and yes, stuff like nitrogen is technically a chemical) there are additives you can use, either after planting or once in a while while watering (Miracle grow makes a good one). If you're a purist, there are "oraganic" growth additives (fyi-- I just make my own compost throughout the year, and sometimes go to a stable to get 2 year old horse-dropping compost--that stuff works GREAT!) 4.) Make sure they get plenty of sunlight and water. 5.) Save the seeds from the best plants for next year. I usually plant between 35 and 50 plants, but I also do canning and make tons of marinara sauce. It has far less sodium that the store bought stuff, and El Esposo prefers it. Be prepared-- if your crop goes well, you'll be overwhelmed with tomatoes. I plant about enough to feed three people for a year.

  • Ruth Ruth on Jan 03, 2018
    This sounds crazy, but start them with good potting soil inside (empty but not washed) METAL COFFEE CANS. Tap a few holes in the bottom for drainage. This is an old Italian trick used in Brooklyn when I was growing up.