Young Magnolia tree wilting and needs help

by Susan
I have a young Magnolia Tree that is about 6-8 years old and all of a sudden the leaves are wilting and it looks like it is dying. It has been healthy up until this spring. I do not notice any insects on it and am not sure what may be causing this.Would appreciate any advice on what I might do . I live in Northeast Florida about 20 miles from the coast.
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Apr 29, 2013
    I'll tag @Douglas Hunt He is a lot closer to you than me....and is more familiar with mag's. I still have snow in my yard...
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    • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 05, 2019

      Roundup kills everything that it comes in contact with that has not been engineered to survive.

      I would stop using it entirely, there are other ways to to control unwanted stuff that are much better for the planet.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Apr 29, 2013
    There aren't many disease concerns with magnolias. Susan. Do you have irrigation, and, if so, how often does the tree get watered. Do you have it on any type of fertilization schedule? The photo doesn't show where the tree meets the ground, but improper planting depth can cause problems long after a tree is planted.
  • Susan Susan on Apr 29, 2013
    Thanks Douglas, the tree has irrigation twice weekly in accordance with county guidelines. I did fertilize in March. The tree is mulched with red mulch at bottom I apologize for not getting a full view. The tree has looked great every year in past until this spring. I have noticed the other magnolia's in my neighborhood look perky fine.
  • Nancy Hand Nancy Hand on Apr 29, 2013
    It might be planted too deep!
  • Cindy Keefe Hack-Cross Cindy Keefe Hack-Cross on Apr 29, 2013
    We have Magnolias in our yard here in Middle GA and this is the time of the year that they drop leaves and always look like they are dying right before they start budding. In fact ours look like this and started a bit ago, and I noticed yesterday they are starting to bud. Hopefully this is what is happening to yours.
  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Apr 29, 2013
    Do you know if there was anyone in your neighborhood spraying weeds recently on a windy day?
  • Susan Susan on Apr 29, 2013
    It was planted over 6 years ago and was doing fine until this spring. I am only concerned because other magnolias in the neighborhood do not look this wilted. No one has been spraying anything that I know off, but that doesn't mean other neighbors may have sprayed something and the wind may have carried it. I will keep investigating and caring for it in hopes it will rebound to normal. Thanks for all the info everyone!!
  • Debbie Gates Debbie Gates on Apr 29, 2013
    Contact your county extension office, they can usually offer you some advice or send a Master Gardner from your area to look at it. It's important to find out what the problem is. EAB, (Emerald Ash Borer) has all but killed off all the ash trees in the US. There are always new pests entering the US undetected and early detection is always important. I'm not saying that your tree has an invasive pest, but that is what your County Extension Office is for. It's job is to examine and help you correct problems with your plants, shrubs and trees. You pay taxes for this service, don't be afraid to use it. It doesn't cost anything for them to come look at your tree, or to send someone to look at your tree. Their number should be in the phone book, if not contact your local courthouse and ask them for the number. Hope this helps.
  • Susan Susan on Apr 29, 2013
    Thanks Debbie. We have a good office in our county and I will contact them tomorrow.