Mobile Home Makeover help

Just purchased this tiny mobile home built in 1985. Every room (4) has this wood with spindle shelf all around which I do not like. The bathroom is tiny floor to ceiling wood cabinet and wood sink cabinet the rest is wallpaper over wallpaper, also thinking about closing off the Jack and Jill door into the bedroom. I know I want to paint these cabinets and counters my confusion is what color and do I use it through all the rooms? No remodeling, just a makeover is needed.... Some ideas please? Color, type of paint, remove spindle shelf's, would like to stay with the ocean colors but do not like blue at all.
q mobile home makeover help
q mobile home makeover help
q mobile home makeover help
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  • Ken Ken on Oct 24, 2017
    Thanks for posting the pictures. You know, it sounds like you already have a pretty good idea of what you would like to do. Is "spindle shelf" that decoration at the top of the cabinets? You can just yank those off. My last home was manufactured and I thought those were a nicer feature but they do kinda date the room. If your cabinets are made of particle board wrapped with something like Contact Paper, I would be hesitant about trying to make interior latex paint stick. Look for paint specifically made to paint over plastic trim and moldings. As for colors, that really is a personal choice but I'd want to steer away from the pink vibe it has now. For paints, most here recommend Valspar or Behr, depending on what is easier to find close to you.

  • Karen Karen on Oct 24, 2017
    I know somewhat of what I want to do just having concerns about color of cabinets, walls, maintain the same color throughout. Yes the decoration at the top is the spindle shelf which I hate and if removed would give me more room for color and window treatments when I get to that point. The pink has got to go here is my new sofa which I want to work around for now. Looks pinky but really is coral

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 24, 2017
    Is all the cabinetry wood, laminate or what? I noticed that the kitchen/dining room/living room had two different colors of finish running through it. For sure you should make those rooms the same. The color of that room makes the room very light and airy to me and looks right for the room and the pops of burgundy/red look really good, but perhaps a little more in the living room are wood be nice. If it is possible I would paint the sliding door to match the walls and it won't stand out and blend in more with the room. The kitchen cupboards make the small kitchen area look dark and could use lightening up. Perhaps paint them much like the table color, which seems to be the focal point of that area. The bedroom closet and cabinets need some lightening up to make the room look larger. How much room is there between the plate rails and the ceiling? You could put a couple of low artificial plants up on them if there is room and some small figurines or vases, etc. If there is room in the other areas above the rails in the other rooms, and it doesn't interfere with cupboards or doors, you could put artificial plants that hang down, like ivies, spider plants, etc. My mom had a plate rail around her kitchen above her cupboards, sink and stove area and she had enough room to display all her Scandinavian Christmas plate collection. Good luck in your updating!

  • Karen Karen on Oct 24, 2017
    The lighter part of the cabinet (trim) seems to be laminated and the doors and drawers are wood. Since this is a winter home only 3 months max a year plants would not work, nor do I collect... Has to be a betterway with those spindle shelf's. I am definitely changing the lighting too.

  • Martha O'Brian Martha O'Brian on Oct 24, 2017
    First, your home has a lovely floor plan, second, I have redone 2 mobile homes, the last an almost total gut and reconfiguration of rooms. I love beach vibe, but I prefer mine in white with color accents. Think cottage on the beach. So I would go white walls (primer based paint will work) and an couple of shades darker on the cabinetry and remove the spindles if you dont like them. It will make decorating easier in that area. I see you have a sun room attached, I do to. Is it insulated joined to the Hvac? If so, lose the sliding doors and leave it open, if not change out to pretty french doors. On the bedroom door, how are you closing it off? Are you prepared to tear it out and put up sheetrock? Also, some white 2 in faux wood blinds would be lovely, they have the look of plantation shutters for a fraction of the cost. Last, I love your vintage look lighting in the kitchen, but it may not go with the new decor, consider getting a pendant light kit from Lowes or Home Depot and create your own from something beachy made of wire or driftwood. Enjoy, this is the fun part.

  • Karen Karen on Oct 24, 2017
    Thanks Martha, yes the large sunroom has heat and A/C coming from the main house. That is a whole other project once I redo the kitchen, bath and living areas. As for the bedroom door to the bathroom I have no Idea how we would close that off and is it worth it as I really don't need it and can walk out to the hall door for the bathroom. Never thought about how to do it, duh. Pendent lighting is on my list. Makes sense for lighter walls than the cabinets as I was thinking reverse but know I would get sick of the cabinet color fast. Lots to do and thanks all for ideas but still confused on the exact colors

  • 27524803 27524803 on Oct 24, 2017
    You need a paint palate to start, some of the paint companies like HGTV have sample cards or booklets with coordinating colors... that will all go together (shades and hues that work together) and an "ocean" theme does not have to be all blues, there are grays, greens, tans, creams, etc... that will give you what you want... you may even find a shade of blue or turquoise (with a gray-ish tone etc) that will work for you.. Find a picture, painting, fabric, etc. that appeals to you and use that for your color inspiration.
    Preparation will be the key to getting a lasting finish on your walls and cabinets.
    Scrub well with TSP to remove any oily residue, use a good primer and a good paint.. That spindle rail could be replaced with crown molding...
    Check out DIY network, HGTV, or Pinterest for some ideas.

  • Karen Karen on Oct 24, 2017
    Thanks Everyone, will take photos and post in the Spring

  • Christierei Christierei on Nov 02, 2017
    I think the kitchen has too many finishes going on. Two wood tones, countertop, wall board / wall paper look. I would scrub the cabinets down with TSP. Creamy white paint, and a couple of layer of top coats. Paint or tile the backsplash. Consider new countertop materials. Bamboo countertops would relate to your furniture. Good Luck

  • Mary Mary on Nov 02, 2017
    i would look for some ideas for all your rooms on

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 02, 2017
    Really cute mobile home. You could cover up the spindles with some crown moulding. The polystyrene is lightweight and easy to use.
    The other option is to get up there with a jig saw, and cut off the spindle portion or use a small pry bar to see if you could remove it all together.