Choosing the Right Wood

One of the best things about using wood slabs is that you have a great variation of materials to choose from. Popular options for furniture include oak, walnut, and cherry, but you can use almost any type of wood, as long as it's sturdy enough. This Hometalker just used some boards from the junkyard and was able to glue and clamp them together before using three coats of polyurethane to make it good as new.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Coffee Table

As you can see, even unloved wooden pallets can be turned into a wood slab coffee table. To create this table from old pallet boards, Hometalker Dianne washed the boards and then brushed them with coconut oil to revive them a bit. After that, Diane attached the boards to a pre-bought metal frame, sanding and cutting them down to equal size after using wood screws to attach them.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Bench

Hairpin leg furniture is all the rage right now, especially since wooden slabs contrast with them for a sleek industrial look. This Hometalker cut a 2x12x8 slab into a 48-inch long slab, adding two coats of grey stain. After weatherproofing the wood with Thompson's Water Seal, they simply drilled holes in the bottom and screwed in some hairpin steel legs. Get tutorial here

Natural Wood Slab Table

This gorgeous wood slab table was made with a big hunk of wood that these savvy Hometalkers found on a hike through the forest! The wood came ready-made by nature, so the only thing left to do was give it a proper finish and some edge-staining. After this, it can simply be glued on top of an existing side table, giving your living room a beautiful, natural aesthetic.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Bathroom Counter

This jaw-dropping bathroom counter might just win the top prize for the most dramatic bathroom transformation in history. The trendy live edge wood slab was purchased whole from a local hardware store ready to go. After this, Lee drilled holes to allow for drainage and piping, allowing the clear vessel sink to be installed straight on top.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Pot Rack

Wood slabs can instantly give a warm, country-feel to any kitchen. This unloved chunk of walnut was given the full sanding treatment, as well as a generous coating of boiled linseed oil to keep it looking fresh. The functionality was then added simply by bolting on some steel pegs that were strong enough to support a cast-iron skillet, and voila! Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Floating Shelf (with a Surprise!)

Wood slabs are the ideal material for an elegant floating shelf unit, but this one comes with an added surprise. As you can see, this Hometalker used two wooden slabs to sandwich an acrylic sheet that houses an LED light display. This one is not too technical either, as the light is provided by LED strips attached to a small power source embedded within the shelves.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Desk

One of the best things about wood slabs is the way that they can revitalize an otherwise dull piece of furniture. This uninspiring IKEA desk was given an elegant makeover with four pieces of pine attached together with standard wood glue. Once sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and given a stain and paint job, it was simply placed on top of the existing unit, giving it this high-concept design. Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Barn Beams

A wooden beam can instantly give your home that timeless rustic cottage look you're seeking. This follow beam was made by joining together four 8x10 plywood longboards with a maple veneer, making this a lightweight "faux" beam alternative. The board has been attached to the ceiling using a nail gun, with 2-inch long 16 gauge nails being used at about four to six-inch intervals.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Serving Boards

Add a true touch of class to your next dinner party with this beautiful wood slab serving board. Zac used some olive wood and some rose gold handles from Lowes, as well as some leftover red wine for that dark stain finish. The handles have been attached by screwing them directly into the wood, whilst the finish simply involved rubbing it with wine three times! Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Home Bar

If you're looking to give a raw, alpine lodge aesthetic to your den or entertaining room, a wood slab bar could prove just the trick. These Hometalkers kept it simple, only using glue to bind together a couple of wooden slabs. They then used a paint stick and a skill saw to whittle the board into the curved shape you see here, creating a perfect bar that will leave an impression.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Hairpin Coffee Table

You can also make a wood slab coffee table with a single piece of live edge wood. This expensive-looking table was created with one 12-inch wide live edge slab, a half-pint of MinWax Polycrylic in Satin, and three 16-inch hairpin legs. The hairpin legs were attached with the help of some brackets and a 7/64 drill bit, with the whole process taking no time at all.  Get tutorial here

Wood Slab Fireplace

As you can see here, some wood slabs can also completely transform your living room from shabby to chic. This beautiful wooden wall was made with 20 8-foot pine slabs, each costing a mere $2! They were built from the ground up using a brad nailer. Each piece has been individually painted to create this multi-tone effect you see here, after which regular stain was applied.  Get tutorial here

Making Wood Work

Wood slabs are so popular because of the way they can instantly add class and elegance to a room with minimal effort. When making wood slabs work for you, it's important to remember to pick a material that looks right.This Hometalker used reclaimed wood, purposefully destressing the material using any tools to hand for a rustic appearance. Get tutorial here