How do I get a table for dining at in this kitchen area?


Hi, I kinda have a galley kitchen type, my cabinets are along one side of the kitchen wall, then at the end, then 2 cabinets on the other side then the refrigerator beside that. Not quite galley not quite a U shape, then there’s and empty space about 3 by 4 and half, I mounted a counter there with 2 bar stools. This is what I want, space for a table in there. Not sure how to do this. I don’t have a dinning area in my house it’s an old 1946 , only 864 square foot house. The living room is small but adequate, so no space that can taken from there. I can send a picture. Thank you, Corinne

q how do i get a table for dinning at in this kitchen area

To the right of the picture, you can kinda see an opening, that’s where the front door is, there’s a small entry area about 3 by 4 1/2, then it’s the living room.

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  • Loyce March Loyce March on Jan 02, 2019

    Use the divider on left. Wider top could work. Or put a flip up table there. Use foldable stools.

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    • Loyce March Loyce March on Jan 02, 2019

      Kitchen storage and counter space would be greatly missed if you reworked it all. Good luck.

  • Carol Carol on Jan 02, 2019

    How about a long narrow dining table (or wide sofa table that can fit over a bench on the wall side and two chairs at the open side. It can be pulled out from the wall for extra seating on the “hidden” bench. You can place the chairs at the long side of the table or across from each other at the narrow ends, or a fold down table that folds up when not in use you may not need a wide table as the kitchen counter can serve as a buffet for the food and serving bowls with only dinner plates and glasses on the table.

  • Mary Morris Mary Morris on Jan 02, 2019

    What about putting a wider top on the counter that sticks out then you can put 4 chairs, 2 on each side.

    • Corinne Corinne on Jan 03, 2019

      Thank you, but that would take the space in the living room, and there is a chair there.

  • Courtney Courtney on Jan 03, 2019

    What if you took out the current bar seating area and built a bench seat under the window then put a table and chairs on the other side?

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 03, 2019

    Unless you remove the "seating counter" and install a folding or drop leaf table (mounted to the wall beside the refrigerator), I see no viable means of fitting a table in such a small space.

    Could you send a photo of the adjacent room?

    Thank you.

  • Bijous Bijous on Jan 03, 2019

    Hi. The eat-in area was removed when the kitchen was re-designed to accommodate the kitchen you now have. Without doing a complete reconstruction of your kitchen and living room, I believe you've gone about as far as you can go. There's no disgrace in buffet entertaining and outdoor dining is very continental.

    • Corinne Corinne on Jan 05, 2019

      I am looking to rework the whole space. I don’t use all that counter space. I’m just not sure of the new lay out. That is the space I have to use.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 03, 2019

    At 5'2" I hate to climb up onto a bar stool to eat. So I would look into having the counter either removed or lowered to basic chair level. If the wall is removed your dinning area may spill over into your living room but at least you could seat a third or fourth person.

  • Bijous Bijous on Jan 05, 2019

    Hi Corinne, remove the cabinets after the dishwasher. On the opposite wall remove the cabinets and replace with a 12 inch upper and lower. That will give you the ability to push the fridge closer to the stove. Change the handle on fridge to open to the left. Take down the half wall and the bar stool area. Now you have an open area for a small table.