Asked on Jun 06, 2019

What can I do with this hole left after removing the trash compactor?

Renee Collier
by Renee Collier

I’m wanting to paint my cabinets and redo the counter tops and back splash, but first I need to make this hole into a useful storage space.

This is the hole

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  • Lotsofpets Lotsofpets on Jun 06, 2019

    We had the same problem. We found a cabinet at Lowe's that fit the space and almost matched the existing cabinets. We loosened the laminate countertop to put it in place. We found hardware to match existing cabinets. Later we upgraded the countertop to granite.

  • Mary Mary on Jun 06, 2019

    Wine refrigerator.

    The power supply is already there.

  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Jun 06, 2019

    What I would do is add wooden shelves in there and use it as open storage!

  • Dorothy Dorothy on Jun 06, 2019

    you could cut a piece of plywood to fit - tack insulation on underside - glue a piece or two of tile on top side 1/2 inch overlap all the way around and set in place. The over lap of tile will keep plywood from falling through and to secure it staple edge to existing floor. This will help keep heat in and critters out. Get a plastic drawer set on wheels from Walmart or somewhere to fit inside and make a cabinet door to match the others in kitchen. Great storage and make over.

  • Prelude Prelude on Jun 06, 2019

    I like Morgan's idea for open storage. I'll just add to idea. Purchase some baskets (2-3) to place on the shelves. Purchase basket prior so you will have balanced placement of shelves.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jun 06, 2019

    Trash can or shelving would be my solution. If trash can, then make sure it's pretty like stainless or a decorative finish.

  • William William on Jun 06, 2019

    I like Lotsofpets and Morgans idea. If you can find a cabinet to fit the space or if not put in shelves. Actually I would build a cabinet to fit the space with three or four drawers.

  • Phaedra Phaedra on Jun 06, 2019

    Can you steal a door and drawer unit from either end of the bottom row of cabinets. I think open shelving would look better on the end instead of in the corner.

    Another idea would be to install some kind of a corner unit to make use of the wasted blind corner space. Maybe a lazy susan using the stolen door and the existing door next to the opening for a front. Or you could just do shelves and hinge the doors together in the corner like a bifold door..

  • You could maybe assemble a rolling storage unit that goes in and out or maybe some shelves would be nice.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jun 06, 2019

    Trash can on a bottom slider would make very efficient use of space. A cabinet door can easily be mounted in front to 'hide' the garbage when not pulled out.

  • Jessica Pfeifer Miller Jessica Pfeifer Miller on Jun 07, 2019

    What about metal tracks with slide out metal baskets? They’re normally made for closets. You can get them at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

  • Dot Humphrey Dot Humphrey on Jun 07, 2019

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  • Betty Cisneros Betty Cisneros on Jun 08, 2019

    Pot and lid holder!

  • Fbgirl1961 Fbgirl1961 on Jun 09, 2019


  • Bonnie Terk Bonnie Terk on Jun 09, 2019

    Depending on how handy you are you could create a wine rack and shelving combo. Wine fridge is a good idea too.

    If you don’t drink then I would do shelving with sides and back. I did a similar thing in my laundry craft area in an upper space. It’s all one unit we built to fit the space. (see photo)