Dining Room/Living Room decorating question

My DR/LR is all one long, open concept area. I also have a separate kitchen seating area, which we use all the time. I am thinking of changing the "designated" DR into something else as we never use it. I have divided (with a loveseat) the two areas now. Any ideas on what I could do instead of having a dining room set there? Not an office as we already have that... :D Sorry I don't have pic's right now.....
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  • Michele Nacke Michele Nacke on Sep 30, 2016
    I would love to have a library or a craft area.

  • Marcia briggs Marcia briggs on Sep 30, 2016
    why not have all in one room---a round table that could be used for dining, crafts, games and reading/research projects. there are tables on the market that expand however you need them to be. a series of lawyer's bookshelves (glass fronts that close) can house not only books and craft items but dinner and serving pieces. mixing and matching them could be interesting. the tops of the cases could be used for buffets or projects of any kind. a dining chair can be used when working at the table. the other three can be tucked into corners along with some lighting to make a comfortable reading area. I would mix the dining chairs ( 2 armchairs and two slipper chairs). using chairs with upholstered fabrics will make them look less like dining chairs.

  • Carole Bisby Carole Bisby on Oct 01, 2016
    Pool table, game table, portable bar with stools or hang some long drapes between the walls of the living room and dining room and make it a sitting area 2 chairs love seat and a round coffee table in the middle and the drapes would make it cozy. Just some idea's!!!! Good luck

  • Sheryl Sumpter Sheryl Sumpter on Oct 01, 2016
    I have never liked a TV in the living room, so I made my dining area into the TV/entertainment area and the living room is cushy seating for reading or conversing with company without the TV distraction.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Oct 01, 2016
    Maybe, in addition to the loveseat you can use a partition wall (the folding type, they're so pretty!) If you do yoga or meditation you could change it into a "wellness" room. Or make a super cozy reading nook with candles or decorate with items that reminds you of your favorite place you've been or want to go. A tropical getaway! Place a sand colored area rug, starfish and shells crawling the walls. A small waterfall fountain. You could install one of those super comfy hammock style chairs from the ceiling. Or, if you want to spend some money, maybe you could open the kitchen up and put in an island and use one side for more room for cooking and baking and the other side (taller) and get some bar stools for eating. Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. I'm just thinking what I would love to do if I had an extra room! Also, if you have a back door near the area you could make a mud room and laundry room. Good luck!

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Oct 01, 2016
    I am all into aviaries right now since I saw a beauty of a one with small song birds, plants, door to enter and a fountain in a home in Aspen. Also great aquariums make great dividers.

  • Cathy Cathy on Oct 03, 2016
    How about making it a library area with plenty of bookshelves and comfy seating and good light near the chair(s)?

  • CG CG on Oct 04, 2016
    Thanks for the great advice. ...so many good ideas it will be hard to pick one!