Asked on Oct 16, 2012

granite is 2 1/2" too short for counter any suggestions on how to make up the difference with a Tile or granite stripe?

Kel C
by Kel C
I have a slab of granite that is 2 1/2" too short for my counter. any suggestions on how to make up the difference? the depth is exactly what I need. maybe add some tile or a granite stripe down the sides? Could I add a chunk of granite as a back splash that is very wide (could be a kind of shelf)? This is a left over piece that I'd sure like to reuse. The cabinets and flooring already exist.
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  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 16, 2012
    The normal method is to install the cabinets THEN order or buy your stone so you get the right size. Having seams and extra joints are one way around this problem. Shortening up a cabinet run is another...installing a 15" base instead of an 18" would work. a pair of 15" instead of a 36", or 30" instead of a 36" are your cabinets placed? how about flooring? Some pics would help
  • Trimming cabinets is very hard to do if your not familiar on how to do this. If however the cabinets you have are the type that you construct on your own this can make the job easier. In any case both types are still hard to do. I agree with KMS on this. Your better off getting a cabinet made smaller or hire a cabinet company that can reduce the size for you.
  • It depends on the layout you are working with what will work. PermaCove makes a product that can help solve some problems with counter sizing, but usually depth of top issues from front to back (by bridging a gap at the back). The PermaCove is normally installed at floor/wall junctions: If your run butts up against a wall, tall cabinet, or tall filler this trick can still work... Pics would help.
  • Ron Fields Ron Fields on Feb 19, 2015
    Try framing it on each end with wood that matches the cabinet material. Make sure the trim is level with the stone surface and put a good food grade sealant on the trim. Use the correct seam grout to finish.
  • Kathi Schaffeld Kathi Schaffeld on May 15, 2016
    I'm confused, is it for a counter top? It seems like all these responses are to a flooring concern. I'm under the impression that is it for a countertop. If so, I think a complimentary accent tile on the sides would look good. Especially if you continue that tile in a back splash. Or a Natural edge granite that is somewhat taller on the backsplash side would look GREAT.
  • Debra Miller Debra Miller on May 31, 2021

    You could put a wood butcher block counter a few feet wide where appropriate in the kitchen have have the granite on each side of it. This would mean cutting the granite but it would not look like an after thought.