Kitchen renovation with an 8 foot ceiling

by Aimee
I am looking for advice. My husband and I are renovating our house and we are stuck on stain wood or paint. We have a support beam that allows us only 7 ft of cabinet space but it does not allow us to go up to the ceiling. How can I make our kitchen look larger/inviting/bright and cozy???
This is me lookinv at our kitchen through a "look through" we made connecting our living room and kitchen
We have hickory floors that will come up to a tile floor that we will pick. Not sure what type of kitchen floor yet?
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  • Laurie Laurie on Nov 20, 2016
    Will the beam be visible by the cupboards? If you want the beam to be "hidden and emphasize the height of the ceiling, paint it the colour of the ceiling. Alternatively, a stain will create a nice accent and show off the wood, particularly if your cupboards are painted and not wood stained. Your house looks lovely, even unfinished!
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    • Judy Langer Judy Langer on Nov 21, 2016
      The beam should be the same color as the cabinets. It will blend in and disappear. If it is a different color it will stand out like a sore thumb and you will see it every time you go into the room. Light is always best to create visual space. Off white looks dingy. If you don't want pure white go soft grey.
  • Lisa Terry Hann Lisa Terry Hann on Nov 20, 2016
    Is there any way to build your cabinets so the upper cabinets/ doors appear to go all the way to the ceiling. OR build the cabinets up to the beam and then add crown moulding on the beam ..same colour as your cabinet or in a contrasting stain or colour.
  • Diane Taylor Noel Diane Taylor Noel on Nov 20, 2016
    A lighter color will make it look bigger and brighter. Maybe try some opening shelves. If you are exposing the beams then either paint them a light color or you can stain and paint the ceiling white or a light color.
  • wide crown molding always makes low ceiling look larger and more inviting.
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  • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Nov 23, 2016

    One of the things I've noticed being done in kitchen reno is not putting cabinets up high around the sink area. If it's a nice view make the window bigger and bring in more light. You could leave the beam exposed. I'm not sure what the short railing is for but if you make a large island there it could have all the cabinet space you lose. That open space makes it much airier. Whatever color you choose can appear bright and inviting with enough lighting so pick out the cabinets you like the best. Then for the features you want and need.

  • Galen W. Yoder Galen W. Yoder on Nov 23, 2016

    What is preventing moving the support beam up into the joist system?

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 23, 2016

    Some good suggestions, but I would do nothing until you have all installed in natural wood, then decide to paint or stain. The shear substance of it all may make the decison easier.

  • Poelstrad Poelstrad on Nov 24, 2016

    Do not put upper cabinets along the wall and go with open shelves. Then paint ceiling light color and stain beam in darker color. You could make the shelves look like an industrial shelf by building them out of pipes and flanges. This would open up your kitchen and make it look like a modern farm house style. Good Luck

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Nov 24, 2016

    Will the beam be exposed? If not then it becomes a soffit that you paint the color of kitchen. One thing that may help if you're short lower the counter height so room appears taller and it is more comfortable for kitchen prep and if you're a baker that reality helps for kneading dough. If you put in center island have part regular and a portion same height as other counters so people can sit and you can work,but I would look into counter height to trick the eye. The beam is really cool can you add decrative ones like in a Tudor home so it makes things look intentional. It won't matter that if center ceing is 8 ft. It will make the entire room look taller once again tricking the eye . And if you have shorter counters that would be awesome. I hope it's clear and that it helps.

  • Lonnie Lonnie on Nov 24, 2016

    If you want that beam to disappear, match it with the ceiling color. It really does make the room appear bigger if it's white, but it isn't the only color to do that. A light color (like a pastel yellow, blue, etc.) is the way to go, If you want, you can paint cupboards, but I wouldn't go with a dark paint color - same thing if you stain. Put darker colors in the drawer pulls, knobs and hinges. White and black looks sharp and clean (I think). Pastels would also. They also would brighten it up considerably. I'm curious, too, why there is a railing there. Without that you'd have a whole lot more room for cupboards. Good luck.