Kitchen Renovations- could use help with a design pallet.

I live in a double wide frustrated with my small kitchen. I love cooking and baking. I have been looking for kitchens similar to mine to get ideas on decorating could use help with a design pallet.
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  • Willie Simpson Willie Simpson on Jan 01, 2018
    Organizers and space management is a huge quest for most of us.. if you could put an island of any size, even a premade portable island, it seems to help a lot.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Jan 01, 2018
    If you do go with a island, you may like to know codes for an island needs 36” between your cabinets and your island all the way around it on all sides! This is for fire hazards as well as getting a fringe or freezer thru between your cabinets and island if ever necessary? That 36” is from your counter tops that usually hang over at least 3/4“ , so cabinets would be a minimum of 37 1/2 “ apart! Personally I’m not a big fan of islands in a small kitchen especially, makes a kitchen near impossible if there’s more then one person in the kitchen to get around each other! If you can design more of a C shaped kitchen squared off of cours, it give you more needed space and still leaves your floor plan opened! Sink stove and fridge should be laid out in a triangle pattern Whenever possible!

  • Jennasdomain Jennasdomain on Jan 01, 2018
    I bought an antique porcelain top table at a resale store for about $80.00. It fits into my small double-wide kitchen on an angle and I use it for prep, a stack of platters, etc that I don't use very often. Also I put my potato and onion bin, large pots and canner under there out of the way. It's near the refrigerator so when I'm taking something out or putting away groceries I have a handy place to set things. I have gotten lots of compliments on this idea.

  • Cas28373106 Cas28373106 on Jan 01, 2018
    I would recommend you paint your cabinets black, if possible, and buy new chrome knobs for your cabinet doors, get some baskets for above your cabinet clutter and find some marbled contact paper to apply on your countertops. A small rug of neutral patterns would make it feel more cozy and inviting.
    And, most importantly get rid of a lot of clutter. It’ll make the room feel bigger👍

  • MBG MBG on Jan 01, 2018
    When I renovated my kitchen, I made the cabinets rd on the high side of the ceiling. They are now just a few inches beneath the ceiling. The additional storage area is quite substantial.

  • MBG MBG on Jan 01, 2018
    Taller not rd...

  • Shelly Clemmons Shelly Clemmons on Jan 01, 2018
    You can also add storage space by implementing a few in wall shelving areas which are created by opening an area of your wall between the studs and building shelvibf between the studs and finishing oyt with molding on the outside edges to give them a custom built in look. I have 2 of these in my kitchen and a few more throughout my house. In the kitchen one is used as a spice rack/potato & onion bin and the other is a canned goods area. In other pirtions of my home they are used for books, trophy displays and memorabilia. As for complying with building code requirements on the island idea - i built my island on top if a rolling frame similar to a furniture dolly and made sure the wheels would lock - that way i can move it wherever necessary and since it is not permanently attached it does not violate any building codes. Best of luck to you.

  • Molly Anmar Molly Anmar on Jan 01, 2018
    You appear to have stuff in that kitchen that doesn't truly need to be there. TWO garbage cans? Pet things in the middle of the floor? Moving boxes and gift bags on top of your cabinets?

    If I were in your shoes, I'd empty the kitchen cupboards completely and assess how necessary their contents actually are. Rarely used things (think holiday china or that small appliance you use once or twice a year) could certainly be stored elsewhere (perhaps under a bed or in a coat closet) until they're needed.

    Get rid of what doesn't actually belong in your food preparation area.

    While the cupboards are empty, give them a good clean (might as well, eh?), sort your kitchen stuff by category (baking goods, breakfast stuff, oils/shortenings, canned goods, paper goods, snacks etc). We all have them....consolidate duplicates (things like mustards, seasonings and such) into single packages. Discard out of date things. Store things that will end up in the frig anyway, in the refrigerator.

    I bet you end up with enough room to store your microwave in the pantry armoire. If it were me, I'd hang a curtain over those shelves to hide the clutter. If you don't like that idea, then put the pantry goods in baskets or attractive bins.

    Get all that stuff off the countertop. If there are any appliances that could be mounted to the underside of your uppers, do that. There are coffee makers, jar openers and can openers designed for just that.

    Speaking of your countertop, it appears to be really dark. Install some low-profile lighting underneath your uppers so you can see what you're working on when cooking. I might put a rope light on the inside top edge of those uppers to brighten that area up, too.

    Hang small storage racks or shower organizers inside your cabinet doors if you can; use hooks for utensils. Consider hanging a pegboard on the side of that pantry for your skillets or baking pans. Pocket-type shoe organizers hold more than shoes and can be hung anywhere.

    Lastly, take a look at Pinterest. Small kitchen organization is a big topic over there and there are scads of terrific ideas you could easily adapt to your kitchen.