Should we bead board on one wall or two? I would love your opinion!

Jen R
by Jen R
We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I would love some advise. I fell in love with this photo and will be doing a version of floor to ceiling bead board with shelves on the left wall of our kitchen. Should I also put bead board on the right wall? Or should I paint it? Will having two walls of bead board be too much? (Take away from the "statement wall"?) Or since the right wall is so minimal and mostly hidden by the fridge, doesn't really matter?
My inspiration from Floor to ceiling bead board with open shelves. Painted white
This is my kitchen. The wall on the left will be bead board with shelves on center section. Should I paint the right wall or continue with bead board?
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  • Maxine Maxine on Apr 30, 2013
    Are the rest of your walls covered with cupboard in the kitchen? if so I would suggest doing both walls. And pick paint that would go well with your backsplash. If not, I would suggest just doing the one wall to act as the "statement wall".
  • Sheila samples Sheila samples on Apr 30, 2013
    I would beadboard both walls. Makes the room feel like it was built that way and not just a add-on (which it is! haha). I love beadboard halfway up walls and then painting to ceiling.
  • Jen R Jen R on Apr 30, 2013
    Yes @Maxine, the other two walls are cabinets and appliances. The backsplash and counters are 1980's orange so I'm not sure anything goes well with them - ha! They are on the down-the-road-to-be-replaced plan. @Sheila, I too enjoy the bottom half beadboard look, but have decided on full wall for this room. Thanks both of you for your response.
  • Nest Interiors Nest Interiors on May 01, 2013
    I would go 3/4 of the way up - essentially to the top of the interior doors with thick moulding along top and around doors. If you paint the beadboard a pale gray or tan and door moulding/walls above beadboard/ceilings white or cream it will have a serene, vintagey feel that will match whatever cabinets/backsplash you choose later.
  • Michael Stillwell Michael Stillwell on May 01, 2013
    I was going to say 3/4 way up would be a really cool vintage look as well. You could cap it with a nice little piece of moulding...
  • My friend also went with beadboard 3/4 of the way up but they have high ceilings, it looks real nice. At the top of one of the walls she added a decorative vinyl expression . . . I just happen to be a salesperson for Uppercase Living. [Wink, wink] LOL
  • Kelle Arvay Kelle Arvay on May 01, 2013
    I would paint the right wall and do the beadboard just on the left wall. I think it would make a really nice statement that way. Otherwise, doing beadboard floor to ceiling on both walls might be a bit much, especially around a door like that.
  • Sherrie Sherrie on May 01, 2013
    I love the polka dot bowl! I have never seen one like it.
  • Z Z on May 02, 2013
    I'm with Kelle and would do just one wall in bead board, but it would look nice either way.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 02, 2013
    I would do both walls 3/4 of the way up...this allows for reachable shelves like the inspiration one, then top off the beadboard with a plate shelf with groves that is wide enough to put other decorative things on it. As for paint, pick an ivory (almost no color) instead of white which will soften the orange. When you change out the orange later on, it will be time to repaint it any color scheme you choose! Post photos!
  • Jen R Jen R on May 08, 2013
    Thanks everyone for your comments! I haven't been able to find a 3/4 wall photo that I like. I'm a very visual person, so if someone has a good photo representation I would love to see it. I'm still not 100% sure what we are going to do. The plan is to start on Saturday, with one wall to see what that looks like. With there only being two walls available (the other two walls are cabinets), I'm having second thoughts about doing both walls, afraid it will be too much. But as you can tell, that is all up in the air :) (PS my indecisiveness is driving my husband bonkers)
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Jan 20, 2016
    It's nice having options. You could do one wall as a focal wall, then decide if you'd like to continue with the bead board on additional walls. Have fun.