Add Sharpie For A Monogram Design

Purchase a Dollar Store mug, vinyl letters for tracing out the letter, and an oil based sharpie for a sophisticated look. Get tutorial here

Tack On Contact Paper For Wizardry

Potterheads rejoice, use your Silhouette Portrait and Contact Paper to add magic to your mug. Get tutorial here

Use Rubbing Alcohol For A Tie Dye Look

Purchase rubbing alcohol and pour that over oil based sharpie scribbles on your mug for an explosion of colors. Get tutorial here

Include Paint For A Floral Design

Purchase porcelain paint and dan the paint in a circular pattern resulting a pretty flower. Get tutorial here

Use Painter’s Tape For A Geometric Pattern

Purchase spray paint and painter’s tape to recreate this futuristic geometric mug. Get tutorial here

Apply A Flannel Shirt For Comfort

Purchase fabric scissor and cut the cuffs off an old flannel to bring you warmth as you sip tea. Get tutorial here

Add A Plant Instead For Greenery

Put your favorite plant in the mug, and draw a funny face with sharpie for character. Get tutorial here

Slap On Metallic Spray Paint For Shine

Purchase masking tape and Rustoleum spray paint to make half of your mug metallic. Get tutorial here

Add Nail Polish For A Watercolor Effect

Purchase a favorite color of nail polish and a disposable bowl to create swirling colors on your mug. Get tutorial here