How do I install natural log fireplace mantel onto a brick fireplace?

Lace so that it can also be removed at another time?

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  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Nov 22, 2018

    Use anchors that will fasten to brick.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Nov 24, 2018

    As Ken said, wholly agreed. Just like fastening a Sink to a Wall, this is same procedure. And is usually easier than Method B listed below.

    Mainly you do not attach it to the Brick under the Board. It is an illusion or a Bad Job by someone not professional.

    You instead: Rest the Board on the Brick and Fasten the Board to the Wall.

    This is done by either of two methods, which one is best is heavily reliant on the Circumstances of the Wall Integrity and Age of the home and Phases in Construction.

    A. countersink the Mantle by Methods like attaching a sink

    1. For each Anchor [no fewer than 1 per each 10 inches) Create a Hole not less that 1/2 inch in the Topside Rear of the Mantle to access each Anchor from the Top.

    2. Drill into the Hole so you can place your Bolt

    3. Anchor it into the Wall by placing your Bolts into the Wall just like you would do for a Sink.

    4. Pop a Wood Button into each of the Topside Rear Holes

    Or: if you do not like wood buttons

    B. Just use a pop out riveted hinge compliant hardware:

    1. Buy compliant hinges you like, place aside the screws as these that are compliant are attached with a Swivel out hole (just like you have on the Old Porcelain lamps and all Electrical Junction Box Plate Covers that you slide it off the mounting screws)

    2. Rather than bolt the hinge to the mantle, you can use pop out rivets in anchors instead.

    3. Attach the swivel hinges to the wall and Drop the mantle in place that it rests on the Brick.

    4. Place trim in the rear per necessity as fastened to the Mantle not the wall.

    Either method works, A is most common in New Modern Constructions as you need not attach to the Studs, because Weight is Rested on Bricks. B is hard to find the hardware but the best option in Old homes because

    1. the Bricks may need mortar soon and

    2. who knows what lurks behind those walls?

    3. Also B enables a Permanency or Nonremovable option by Fastening the Trim to the Studs (usually outside of the Chimney there are at least 2) rather than fastening the trim only to the mantle.