Asked on Jun 09, 2018

Can I put furniture in front of the baseboard heaters?

by Sarah
Can I put furniture (like a dining table) in front of the baseboard heaters?

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  • Twl30891254 Twl30891254 on Jun 09, 2018

    yes as long as the heat can still escape n it’s not touching the heater

  • Ken Ken on Jun 09, 2018

    Yes. The heaters are designed so they don't get so hot that they would cause a fire hazard. If they are electric make sure that cloth does not drape into the heater, just in case there should be an issue with the heating element. Hot water baseboard carries no such cautions. They cannot malfunction and get too hot.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 09, 2018

    I agree with Twlocke77, as long as the hot air can move from under the table, it should be fine. Try to keep the legs away from the registers and nourish the wood the air will be going across so that it doesn't get to dry.