Making the Most out of Vertical Space

In an attempt to create an organization-based DIY project that would take less than ten minutes to make, Hometalker Medina at Grillo Designs came up with this wall mounted utensil holder, which also frees up the counter by using vertical space. By screwing plumbing pipe clips onto a piece of wood, this Hometalker created a simple and effective way to store her utensils and attached it to the wall without causing damage! Get tutorial here

A Customized Kitchen Utensil Holder

Add some fun to your kitchen with this chalkboard coated utensil holder. Leave messages, write sayings… this is such a simple DIY that Hometalker Bobbie Byrd - Clumsy Crafter has introduced us to and a great addition to the kitchen using a $1 crock and chalkboard paint. She shares that it’s especially popular with her kids who love switching up the sayings. Get tutorial here

Drawer Organization

Sometimes, it’s just about using a space you already have in a different way, which can make a world of difference. For Hometalker Anna M, her whole kitchen felt like a disorganized mess. Her solution for the utensil drawer? Expandable drawer organizers. To further the organization of her drawers, Anna labeled each divider to ensure that, no matter who is cleaning the kitchen, they know where things go Get tutorial here

Customized Wooden Drawer Organizers

The best way to organize is to create a custom solution to meet your needs. While this may sound expensive, it doesn't have to be! Hometalker Christene @ Keys to Inspiration shares a great DIY project: custom wooden drawer organizers for $40. For optimal results, lay out how you want your utensils to be displayed, and then measure around all the items to determine what size wood you’ll need for the dividers. Now, simply cut the wood and glue the pieces into your drawer! Get tutorial here

A Stylish Utensil Holder

Add some style to your utensil holder by creating a unique display for your knives – Hometalker Ann M shares just how easy it is to do! She simply filled a vase with wooden skewers and cut them down the height of the top of the vase – utensil holder complete. When the knives are stuck in the vase, the blades are hidden but the handles are in plain sight for you to grab them as needed. Get tutorial here

Rope Kitchen Utensil Holder

How great are these canisters? Hometalker Jude offers a simple DIY for a kitchen utensil holder that offers a storage solution and does so with style. Simply cut an oatmeal canister to your preferred size, hot glue gun rope around it and paint the interior to give it a more polished look. This canister is great in any kitchen as it is a 100% customizable. You have the ability to choose not only the rope color but the paint as well! Get tutorial here

Just Add Paint for a New Utensil Holder

Pottery Barn products look great and can be great inspiration for home decorating. Hometalker Jeanne Johnson Ortego perused the Pottery Barn website and realized that she already had similar utensil holders. All she needed to do was add paint to make them look just like their counterparts at Pottery Barn. This Hometalker simply spray-painted a patterned pitcher and milk jugs white to create these utensils holders that look expensive and polished. Get tutorial here

An Artistic Storage Solution

For anyone who cooks or bakes, measuring cups and spoons are essential utensils and knowing where they are at all times is of great importance. Hometalker Rachel’s measuring cup display is great because it offers a storage solution and also an informative art display that is helpful when you need to know measurements. Never lose time again wondering how many cups to a gallon because the answer will now be hanging right in front of you. Get tutorial here

A Utensil Caddy for a Rustic Kitchen

Many love the rustic look and, if your home happens to have this design aesthetic, then this is the perfect utensil holder for you. Hometalker Malia Karlinsky shares how to make a custom one for your home with just a few supplies. Simply paint a wooden box - she used Americana acrylic paint Burnt Umber - stencil on whatever words you’d like in white and add in three mason jars to hold your utensils. Get tutorial here