Advice on new landscaping entrance?


I am wanting to add a new landscape area to my front entrance. I would like to connect my driveway, existing sidewalk/porch, tree and the front of my house with paver stones. I have never leveled soil or put down pavers before and I'm very apprehensive to start if I don't know what I'm doing. The area isn't large, but it is still the "first impression" of my home, so I would like it done correctly.

q advice on new landscaping entrance

Existing pavers would be removed. Would like to keep the upper left section as a flower area, but where the pavers are currently and up towards the house and tree would be new patio area.

q advice on new landscaping entrance

Patio area would consume the entire area you see here all the way from driveway to sidewalk/porch area.

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 23, 2018
    I think it's awesome that you want to ensure it's done correctly. I've learned a lot of new techniques from watching YouTube, but you have to be selective. Not everyone that claims to know what they are doing does things correctly. If you watch several, it becomes evident which ones truly know what they are doing. Those are the ones to learn from.
    Here are a few tidbits that I've learned:
    1) get a landscape rake (it's around 3' wide) for leveling
    2) ground needs a gentle slope away from the house so water doesn't pool near your foundation
    3) dig down below your final grade level a couple of inches so you you can lay down bedding sand to level your pavers.
    4) water in your pavers so they settle (you may need to relevel some, then sweep more sand over the surface to fill in the gaps between the pavers and lock them in place.

  • Deb Urban Deb Urban on Jul 23, 2018
    Thank you so much! This has been a huge help.

  • Rosemarie Arscott-Aiken Rosemarie Arscott-Aiken on Jul 23, 2018


    Where you thinking of getting more pavers to cover the entire area?

    If not, I would do as the first response said and fill and level the area closer to the house but leading the downspout water away from the area.

    Start the paver walkway a little further out where the entry of the steps to your door is, you're kinda stepping up the edge of the steps now . You could either meander to the drive-way, creating a curving planting bed closer to the entry or carry it straight to the driveway to create a larger bed.

    The chair could stay on larger pavers if you want to still have a sitting area and plant some shrubs around. Cover the surrounding soil with sod or mulch to soften the area.

    Google " front entry walkway pics" and lots of ideas will pop-up.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 23, 2018
    Don't forget to factor in your freeze/thaw issues, as they will affect your walkway/pavers, if installation is done incorrectly. Your area may require 2B gravel to assist with drainage. You could extend the downspout to an underground drainage system to keep water far away from house. Don't apply mulch close to house to prevent bugs access, or "artillery fungus".

  • Deb Urban Deb Urban on Jul 25, 2018

    The pavers that are currently there are being removed. The bench will not stay there, but I would like to put two small chairs for a sitting area. Drainage hasn't been a problem since I've lived here, but I appreciate the recommendation of slanting away from home. Thank you all for the wonderful ideas and recommendations.