Why Have A Raised Garden?

I have seen a lot of people using raised gardens but I have never understood why. I at first thought it was so you wouldn't have to bend over so far, but seeing that they aren't maybe 1-3 feet off the ground, I don't see how that would be the reason. So can someone explain why use raised gardens?
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  • There can be many reasons why people do the raised gardens. Easy to reach, and maintain Better control of the soils as raised beds have soil placed in them, while the ground soils may not be suitable for planting. I would say this is the number 1 reason out of all others. Better weed control. Better to keep pests out. Rabbits will not tend to jump up into them. In some cases give the yard a totally different look. Depends upon what is being planted. Better moisture control. @Douglas Hunt Perhaps you can expand on this topic.

  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Nov 11, 2014
    @Woodbridge Environmental Tiptophouse.com has made a great case for raised beds. For people with serious mobility issues, they can be built up quite high, but even raising a bed a foot off the ground will greatly improve its accessibility. The are frequently recommended for places like here in Florida, where our sandy soil is nutritionally poor, or in areas of heavy clay.

  • Tonya Tonya on Nov 11, 2014
    I have four raised beds. They are made from 4x4 post supports in the corners with 4x6 boards for the sides. I have three rectangle shaped boxes and one large square box. The square box I plant zucchini, cucumbers, melons and pumpkins in. They are vine plants and different watering needs then other plants. I have one box I plant cherry tomatoes and peppers in and another one that is just large tomatoes. I separate the cherry and large tomatoes to keep them from cross pollinating or they all turn out the same size. My last box I have strawberries in. They sprout off-spring and this keeps them from taking over the garden. I pot all my herbs because herbs, especially mint, are invasive. I have my fruit trees and blueberry bushes north of the beds so they don't block the sun from the beds. Herbs that need more shade I place under or behind the trees. I hand water my garden and check the soil so that I know each bed is as wet as I need it to be. Pots need to be watered more frequently as the clay absorbs the water and the environment dries it out fast. I have weed block fabric on the ground and bark over that. I never have to worry about getting muddy. I also have dogs who love fruits and veggies so I have a easy, removable fence around the garden to keep them out when I am not there to watch them. Otherwise I'd never get any food. Happy gardening. =D

  • Colleen Colleen on Nov 11, 2014
    I found the following 4 part series on this subject informative... you may as well: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/raised-row-gardening/ As others mentioned, there are many and varied good reasons to garden this way.

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    • Colleen Colleen on Nov 20, 2014
      @Marie Garner The idea is the same though, whether you build raised rows or encase your soil in a physical frame of some sort, and the articles run through all the good reasons (and more) why it's a good idea to do raised gardening. I like the raised row method as it save the labor of building frames. Just an alternative to look at. Cheers!

  • Idyllic Pursuit Idyllic Pursuit on Nov 11, 2014
    We have a lot of black walnut trees in our yard. The juglone in the walnuts is poisonous to many plants...so we have to have a raised bed w/ our own dirt so stuff will GROW. :)

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 12, 2014
    I'm with putting decent soil in them. A friend in BC, build large, high raised beds for her fruit trees so bunnies couldn't get at them to munch on the bark and kill them.

  • Jerry Toombs Jerry Toombs on Nov 19, 2014
    Why raised beds? Simple answer is...more bang for the buck. Easier to work than a "row" garden, soil doesn't get compacted by foot or machines, plant and yield more per square inch/foot, (see Mel Bartholomew's square foot gardening), heavy machinery, tiller's and the like, are not needed, better soils mean better plants, easier to water...ESPECIALLY in the drought stricken area's of our country. No need for rubber boots when gathering your veggies!! The raised beds are purty! :) My suggestion is this, build one for the coming season. Then you will save your money and build MANY more.