Best way to grow grass in high traffic area?

by Sha24694793
I live in a rental. The previous renters had a lawn in the backyard, but obviously never used it. There is a large pine tree and a large maple tree shading the yard. We have a dog and kids so there is a lot of traffic and the grass disappeared. The soil is hard packed, but does have a nice sprinkler system. Because it's a rental we cannot cut down the trees. What is your advice, besides getting rid of the kids and dog, to grow back a nice lawn?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 14, 2017

    There are grass seeds for high traffic area available to purchase. The tips for seeding a lawn are lay a few layers of top soil ,lime.grass seed ,starter fertilizer and top with peat moss.Keep moist until the seed germinates,then follow a regular watering program

  • Marian Hares Marian Hares on Jun 14, 2017

    Try lime its the quickes way to brake down hard siol so that new grass can grow

  • Ginger Galloway Ginger Galloway on Jun 14, 2017

    Once you have treated the soil you can get a fescue sod or seed. The only thing is you have to keep the dogs and the kids off it and give the grass and opportunity to mature.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jun 17, 2017

    We tried to regrow grass in an area in the backyard on the house level, we fenced it off with chicken wire and even put a roll of chain link fencing from an old dog run. It grew back wonderfully over a couple of months and took down the fencing, but left the chain link down for another week until we could mow it. As soon as we took up the chain link and mowed it the dogs(4) started using the area again and we are back to tufts. The area by the house is very shaded and never did have much grass, more weeds than grass, so we are thinking about paving the tier the house is on in the backyard.