How can I keep the squirrels out of my bird food?

by Ann
It is a hanging feeder attached to my porch.
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  • Lea Grossman Lea Grossman on Nov 12, 2015
    Have you tried a squirrel baffle?
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 12, 2015
    Try switching your bird seed to safflower seedsIt is bitter tasting to the squirrels but good for the birds.
  • Linda Wallace Linda Wallace on Nov 12, 2015
    The real answer is to add cayenne pepper to your feed when you fill the feeders. It will not bother the birds---BUT it will keep the stinky squirrels away!!
  • Lyn2398900 Lyn2398900 on Nov 12, 2015
    We bought a squirrel cage and catch them and transport them to a park. Sprayed their tails to see if any come back....okay, a couple years ago, one did!
  • Ruth  Nederlk Ruth Nederlk on Nov 13, 2015
    You have it in a place where they can't jump or reach to get into it. i have mine on a pole away from house and tree limbs and have a metal baffle on pole and they wont go beyond that and get into feeder Have had that for 5 or more years . Do not use a plastic baffle They can chew through that.
  • Susan Susan on Nov 13, 2015
    Grease the pole.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Nov 13, 2015
    I greased the pole with PAM. Sorry I didn't have a camera ready, it was a pretty funny sight.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Nov 13, 2015
    Well, I have about 2 dozen bird feeders on my property that are always full... unless they have finally been taken down to the ground by a squirrel. It costs me quite a bit, and some years 'the show' of birds isn't that great, but I do it anyway because I have 5 cats that roam the property at noon time, and for every bird killed I like to feed another nest full of hatchlings. Here are my thoughts on keeping squirrels away from birdseed: 1. Get a gun, OR 2. Keep your seed in an airtight rubbermaid-type container, well protected. I live in the country, and have a rambling 1872 Victorian farmhouse that is shelter to mice, voles, moles, shrews, bats, chipmunks, red/black/gray squirrels, skunks, bunnies, racoons, large centipedes and zeus knows what I haven't discovered yet. Many of these creature live inside my walls, but the cats have helped keep the biggest trouble-makers away from my wiring. I do protect the bats from the cats when they fall into our living quarters because they are declining and I like to watch them eat mosquitoes at dusk. THE MORAL TO THIS STORY IS - you have two choices. Either you behave towards nature as nature understands OR you don't. To play by nature's rules, you have the options to: a. Kill b. Leave alone c. or search for a dissuasion that will not be mastered in a fortnight's time. I wish you the best of luck! ;-)
  • C C on Nov 13, 2015
    I've read they hate the smell of Irish Spring Soap. Get a bar at the dollar store, cut it into slices and try hanging or attaching a slice under the feeder. If it doesn't work you are only out a dollar and still have some soap. If it works you can get several slices out of one bar to place in other areas. It works to deter deer and mice as well.
  • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on Nov 13, 2015
    I bought a squirrel proof feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited. The perch is weighted so that anything heavier than a bird closes the seed holes. It works great but they are a bit exspensive. The squirrels still try their hardest but haven't figured it out yet! I've used it for 5+ years now.
  • Gar2275764 Gar2275764 on Nov 13, 2015
    You can get a baffle to put on the pole. Stores that sell feed and grain are the most likely sources. I got one for $15, and it is well worth it. It's the only foolproof method I know of.
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Nov 21, 2015
    I am in the middle of the woods and I just feed moe seed. I have gone from hanging feeders which the coons pulled down and took with them, to old gutters nailed to the outside edge of the deck railing. I make some holes in the bottom so the water drains out. Everyone can eat. The birds usually get protective when the other animals try to take over. Since I am in the middle of the woods, and get everyone coming for seed, that is about all I can do. I even have deer coming up on the deck to see what is going on.
  • Linda Wallace Linda Wallace on Nov 22, 2015
    I invested in a squirrel cage and a raccoon cage and in 2013 I caught 73 squirrels and 11 opossums and 7 raccoons. I drive them to a park about 6 miles away and get rid of them. I have very few now---but as soon as I see signs of them--I set a cage. Also I drop about 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper in each feeder and shake it down. Squirrels cannot eat it and it will not bother the birds.
    • Gar2275764 Gar2275764 on Nov 26, 2015
      In my state, believe it or not it is illegal to relocate wildlife. Our options are obvious, and I hate it, but you can't let animals destroy your home (chew wiring, for example).
  • JOHNNY JOHNNY on Nov 22, 2015
    Using a large can lid, drill / punch a hole center of lid, slide over wire /wire/chain holding feeder. they use something like this when mooring ships to stop rats
  • Grady Grady on Jan 12, 2016