How do you do a Garden makeover on a budget?

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  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Jun 10, 2017
    First start with a plan for what you would like to have when finished. Then determine your budget....what can you afford for this year and how much do you want to spend overall? Then to keep costs under control, it sounds trite, but best way is with a lot of elbow grease! You don't say if you already have gardens in place or not. If you have, then it is simply deciding what you wish to keep and what you wish to get rid of, if there is too much and you wish to cut down or don't like the position most plantings can be removed or transplanted. If you are starting with nothing or very little, understand that not all has to be done in one year. Decide what you can afford in for yr 1, then work on that part. Most people who garden are happy to share their plants with you. If you look at friends'/family's gardens and see something you like...ask for a piece! You may start off small, but the plant will grow. Look for sales at the end of the season to pick up bargains... the plants may be scruffy looking but with a little TLC will come back nicely. If I have a large space to fill, I usually will buy small first year plants and allow them to grow into my vision as opposed to prchasing large pots. I get my perennials for $2 at a greenhouse instead of spending $8-$9 at a big box store or grocery store garden centre. Likewise look for sales at the big box stores for any hardscaping supplies. sometimes people will get rid of brick/pavers etc on kiiji or Craigslist for little money and I have had success finding treasures at Habitat Restore. Mulch is an inexpensive way of putting in a pathway either as a permanent solution or as a temporary fix until you can find/afford what you really want. Mulch also works well in the gardens to cut down on weeds until you can afford to fill The gardens with plants. Again, if you need lots of mulch and/or soil, it is much cheaper to get a yard or two delivered than it is to buy it by the bag at a garden centre.