How to build a bird feeder and be free of squirrels devasting it?

I live in Laurentian Québec Canada and I love to feed the birds in Winter and all around the year But the thing is squirrels are emptying the bird feeder so fast and made a mess under it. I would like to have a way to have the birds coming but the the 20 squirrels.

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  • LIRR1926 LIRR1926 on Feb 23, 2018
    Its a battle but you can usually win. My feeders are on posts and I have baffles attached to them that the squirrels can't get around. The also make them for hanging feeders. You also need to put the feeder where they can't jump to them.
    There also are feeders that have shutters that close when too much weight is sensed on the perch. I had one of these also and it can also be adjusted to close with large birds. Google "squirrel proof feeder" and you'll get a ton of hits and ideas.

  • Racoquille Grondin Racoquille Grondin on Feb 23, 2018
    I have tried the version when too much weight but they are too smart the go on the top of the feeder and with their hands, yes it look like hands to me, the just pick what they want Thank you so much for your prompt response I'll try the post and baffles and I'll check the Google too

  • Jlnatty Jlnatty on Feb 23, 2018
    You can buy bird feeders classified as "squirrel proof." You can find lots of options online, do a search for "squirrel proof bird feeder" and a lot of websites and retailers will pop up. If you have sparrows who use your feeders, though, you may still get a squirrel problem because sparrows will use their beaks to spill the seed off the planter down to the ground, their preferred eating habitat, and this will attract squirrels as well as mice, voles, etc. Have you considered possibly feeding birds with alternative sources of food? I stopped using bird seed and added black-eyed Susans, sunflowers, purple cone flowers, lambs ear that grows tall stalks of tiny purple flowers, and asters to my flower beds. All except the sunflowers are perennials. As their blooms fade the birds pick the seed heads dry, black-eyed Susans especially attract yellow and red finches, and the sparrows long ago left my yard except for daily visits to my bird baths in summer.

  • Virginia Virginia on Feb 25, 2018
    Put out corn cobs for the squirrels