Spray garlic and mint over the leaves

Mix up your own remedy with this formula and cover your greenery. Get tutorial here

Make a shimmering penny ball to repel slugs

Slugs aren't too fond of those copper secretions, so put your pennies with your plants. Get tutorial here

Or keep slugs away with crushed egg shells

Crunch up some leftover egg shells and lay them out on the soil by your plants. Get tutorial here

Trap flies with apple cider in a wine bottle

Keep your fruits (indoors or outdoors) free of fruit flies with a handy trap. Get tutorial here

Use pepper to keep squirrels out of planters

Squirrels are cute critters - as long as they're not attacking your plants or garbage. Get tutorial here

Keep squirrels from digging with chicken wire

This will save your garden from being dug up by squirrels seeking a hiding spot. Get tutorial here

Sprinkle fireplace ashes in the garden

Reuse your bucket of fireplace ash in the garden. Slugs and other garden fiends will flee. Get tutorial here

Make a "tea" with soap, garlic, eggs & spices

Chop garlic and scallions, add bits of soap, mix in eggs & spices, and make spray repellent. Get tutorial here

Put pennies in a water glass to chase flies

While flies don't harm your plants, they make it hard for you to enjoy your garden. Do this! Get tutorial here

Spray plants with bug-deterring essential oil

Make your own mix of bug-deterring essential oils to spray all over your garden. Get tutorial here