Asked on Nov 20, 2015

Outdoor ping pong?

Polly Zieper
by Polly Zieper
My family has the chance to inherit a ping pong table from a neighbor, free. We have no indoor recroom or playroom, but do have a screened porchAny ideas for keeping the table outside in the FL heat and humidity, where it might get indirect rain?- the porch is covered, but rain CAN come through the screens when its windy.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 20, 2015
    How fun. I would run tension rods all the way around and use a pretty shower curtains.
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Nov 20, 2015
    I covered a table with a heavy duty tarp and kept it under a covered outside deck.Mold developed on the table.Maybe if you hang the tarp at an angle from the outside of your house but protect it from any rain coming onto your porch,it should be OK,may sure air can circulate under the tarp,so you do not get the same results.Your family will love the table.Some of them also fold on an angle which will help with circulation.
  • Ann Ann on Nov 21, 2015
    This is just off the top of my head. Perhaps painting the table with marine paint. Check with the paint store or a boat dealer.
  • Roger S Roger S on Nov 21, 2015
    We use automotive clear coat paint to cover the corn hole boards we build. This makes them water proof and keeps them looking good for years. Most all auto paint stores will have it.
  • Diane B Diane B on Nov 21, 2015
    Most ping pong tables are made from low density fiber board and will easily "melt" when moisture comes around, even in Florida air. I think that Ann is on the right track. Marine paint, but not glossy, maybe semi glossy, would be the best bet. If you want you can even put a favorite sports team decal, or two to liven things up a bit and then cover with a clear coat. (like UM vs UF) Have fun with this!
  • Somewhat Quirky Somewhat Quirky on Nov 21, 2015
    Thompson has a product made for wood that makes it waterproof. I'm not sure about using it over a finish but it's worth a try. I believe Rustoleum has a similar product as well.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 21, 2015
    I find Thompson products built to last a season or two so you have to buy again. Go to a marine store and find a good marine Varathane, it will last forever. Boats stay in water year round. Coat bottom, top, everywhere.
  • Barbara C Barbara C on Nov 21, 2015
    You can always throw a plastic drop cloth over it,tie it down when not in use.Thia will also keep it clean from dust,etc.
  • Janet AF Janet AF on Nov 21, 2015
    Why not make a cover for when it is not in use. First paint underneath and top with marine varnish. Then make ancover with plastic table covers sew them to fit down over around the edge. It should n lastn onger if you keep it covered.
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Nov 24, 2015
    Thanks, everyone!
  • Debbie Moessinger Debbie Moessinger on Sep 28, 2020

    Dimensions of top???

  • Jeff borsecnik Jeff borsecnik on Dec 18, 2020

    I'm curious if any sealer would affect the performance/bounce of the ball ?

    • Jean Davies Jean Davies on Jan 13, 2021

      Technically, it might. But if it done right that's completely OK. At least that's what I heard at " ping pong academy" community (source).

      The main trick is finding ping pong table paint. The latex spray stuff will require about 6-8 cans for a good finish (personally, I gave up after 3 cans, plus it's uneven). The best stuff is the WM Kemp paint, but in our area it's about $25 for a quart + I have to order it sooo...

      Good thing that you probably won't need a sealer.