Polyurethane on outdoor cushions?

by Ton6108226
I've made fabric panels and floor cloths using decorator fabric that is coated with polyurethane for waterproofing. I'm making cushions for my outdoor furniture and thinking I can coat them the same way. I want to be able to leave them out on the furniture rain or shine.

Has anyone tried this with good results?

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Apr 30, 2018

    Hi Tondratoo,

    I've never heard of using polyurethane on fabric so I looked for other options. There are actually waterproofing products available that are made for fabric. Thompson's WaterSeal Fabric Waterproofing Sealer is one of them. Click on the link below to read an article that explains how someone else did this.


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    • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Apr 30, 2018

      If you want to use polyurethane, I would definitely do a sample piece to see how it turns out. The manufactured product that you wrote about most likely has an entirely different process than painting it on or dipping it in the poly. Good luck.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Apr 30, 2018

    I would have used water based polycrylic.

    • Ton6108226 Ton6108226 on Apr 30, 2018

      If I do it, it will definitely be with the water based poly. Have you tried this?

  • 27524803 27524803 on Apr 30, 2018

    I have outdoor cushions on the chairs on the front porch... which has no cover... I used Never Wet on them and it works fine

    • Ton6108226 Ton6108226 on Apr 30, 2018

      Thanks for your response.

      I've also that. However, I'm looking for a less expensive longer lasting solution.

  • they have a new product now..Never wet

    • Ton6108226 Ton6108226 on Apr 30, 2018

      Thanks. I've used it. I'm looking for a longer lasting less expensive solution.

  • Andra Andra on Apr 30, 2018

    I've not done this myself, but I would agree with you that you should be able to coat them the same way. Denier makes a really good polyurethane help protect the fabric outdoors.