Asked on Dec 02, 2018

How can I paint IBC Totes?

by Randy

Does anyone have any experience painting IBC Tote Tanks? I use them to catch rain water and keep them covered with a tarp to prevent algae growth. A full paint job at the end of next summer would look better and be more manageable. If you are unfamiliar with these tanks, they hold 275 to 330 gallons of various liquid chemicals normally used for industrial applications. They can be found for free or very cheap from government surplus, food manufacturing factories, etc. If you do acquire any of these, make sure the previous contents are safe for humans. I use them to collect water for the garden, as well as hauling water for new trees around our property, thus the need to investigate previous contents. You can always use an MSDS to investigate the previous contents for safety concerns.Anyway, they are a white plastic material. They will be exposed to all weather elements, thus the need for a good paint and/or method. The containers can be removed from their metal support cages. I might consider painting the cages a different color to add some character. I included a picture, but I am unsure if it will be supported by Hometalk's software.Thanks again for all of the great answers everyone has provided this past year to my other questions, as well as any ideas for this project.

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