My chairs painted too white

My chairs were finished in a color that is too white compared to my coffee table (which I chalked painted). Any suggestions as to what I can do now? The upholstery matches the whiteness of the chairs. The chairs were water based painted and have been varnished. I don't want to sand or strip them down, but the contrast is a bit too much. I am decorating my house with gray, white, and black colors, shabby chic scandinavian style. Thank you.
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  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Dec 12, 2014
    I like them together,but is you want to Tie them together,how about highlight some of the details on the lower part of the table with the silver paint you used on the chair.I really like what you did to your chair.

  • Esther434 Esther434 on Dec 13, 2014
    I didn't think of that. Good idea! Thanks.

  • Victoria Victoria on Dec 15, 2014
    I think you should use a stain wash in a soft shade of beige that will compliment the chairs and make them less white and more off-white. A stain wash is a simple mixture of water base stain mixt with use a cloth to smudge this wash over the entire surface of the chairs. Since its a "wash" it will give you some time to apply and or remove color before it dries allowing you to color match perfectly. Good luck!

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    • Lucid Designs Lucid Designs on Jan 07, 2015
      @Esther434 Stain wash isn't a product... it's just stain that is readily available at most hardware stores, diluted. Victoria is suggesting water-based stain, so you can easily dilute it with water. I agree that this is the right way to go, as it will tint the white and take away the brightness.

  • Ann Alba Ann Alba on May 22, 2016
    I like Funny girls Idea of the silver , if you have more of the white paint ( Chair) paint the table with it then dry brush the silver .

  • Mary Njus Mary Njus on Mar 27, 2018
    Your chair needs some distressing on it to take away the stark white effect. Maybe highlight raised areas with dark wax to also tone down the brightness. Plus tie the piece with the brown wood of the tabletop because of the grey in the cushion makes the white more white. And lastly, everything does not have to match. Both pieces are beautiful.