Cracked polyurethane after drying! help

by Lara
I used chalk paint on a dining table, then minwax one coat polyurethane. When it dried, it cracked! Can I just lightly sand it, reapply chalk paint and a different poly? Or do I need to sand all the poly first. Picture of the cracks below n
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  • Sara Sara on Jun 27, 2018

    Its a very pretty table. Yes I would cut your losses and sand the table top again to remove everything, so you can start again with a clean slate.

    Its hard to judge by a picture, but It looks as the original surface of the table may have had cracks in the surface/finish? In cases like this you need to either sand the surface to remove the old finish or apply several (4) coats of chalk paint to fill any of the holes and cover up the cracks, leave to dry and then you can apply several poly coats.

    Take your time and ensure you read and follow the instructions on the paint tin.

    Keep having fun!

    • Lara Lara on Jun 27, 2018

      Thank you! The original surface did not have cracks. I lightly sanded it to help with paint adherence, then applied 3 layers of chalk paint before the poly. Do I need to sand it to bare wood, or just enough to remove the poly layer?

  • Alison Savill Alison Savill on Jun 27, 2018

    You should have used polycrylic paint instead

  • Rosy Rosy on Jun 27, 2018

    Sounds like there was a chemical reaction between the chalk paint and sealer. I would resand and repaint and use a sealer that is compatible with chalk paint. I would also try procedure on a scrap piece of wood before applying to table top just to make sure it is what you want. Like a sample piece.