Chalk painting 34 kitchen cabinet doors and 26 drawers

I've been asked to chalk paint 34 kitchen cabinet doors, 26 drawers as well as the box frames. How much should I charge? The cabinets are not painted and can be easily chalk painted to revamp. Any suggestions? I'm thinking $1500. I would cover cost of supplies.
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  • CK CK on May 26, 2015
    Do you paint and/or decorate for a business of yours? Firstly, you need to figure out a charge for your supplies. With chalk paint it might not be much but you still should factor in some for the paint, new brushes and any other materials you'll be using. Drop cloths, etc. I bill out all my work by the hour. Makes it much easier to figure out. If you've done this type of painting before you probably have an idea how long it takes. Figure out a reasonable rate per hour then multiply it by the hours you'll spend working on the project. Give an estimate that might even be a bit higher. Your customer will love it if you come in under budget. I painted the kitchen cabinets in our former home and I know it takes a lot of time. Plus there's time spent on prepping. Even painting cabinets with chalk paint have prep. Cleaning them, getting your work area set up, etc. etc. You know how much work it'll take. It sounds like you're getting asked to do this because you have done it before. Don't cheap out on yourself. If they're asking you because they know you'll do good work, you're work is worth it. :)

  • Jeani Miller Miner Jeani Miller Miner on May 26, 2015
    I'd calculate how long it takes to paint one door. I just did a few of my own and I would estimate about 1 hour per door. Removing all hardware, 1.5 coats of paint, 1 coat of clear wax and a coat of dark wax. Then buffing to a gentle gloss. The outcome is amazing, but it's time consuming. Based on your number of 70 units (plus the frame) at 20.00 an hour you're pretty much spot on. Is your time worth more than that? That's your question.

  • Poppies Paint Powder Poppies Paint Powder on May 27, 2015
    There are always glitches and things you don't expect. The gals have given you excellent advice. This is a large kitchen and they are getting a custom redo. I think that $1500.00 is far to inexpensive. Most people wold be shooting their self in the leg if they had to paint that many and wax that many pieces of the same thing. I had no intention to through in a shameful plug, but you could increase your bottom line considerably if you went with a quality chalk powder, like Poppie's to you simply add to the flat paint you purchase. On a large job like this it could save you hundreds. Please what ever you use, figure your supplies plus a little extra. There will always be things that you run out of and have to go pick up.

  • Liz Liz on May 27, 2015
    Allof the above is excellent advice. Most pros mark up the materials by some percentage. This takes care of the cost of purchasing and prepping the materials, not the labor of applying the numerous coats to get a wonderful finish.

  • Dee Lynch Dee Lynch on Apr 07, 2016
    I am just trying to figure out a price per cabinet.. 2 doors, small or large. Also charging for small kitchens as well as large kitchens.... I need a base price per 24"- 30" - 36" Base or upper??? do you also include new or painted kick plate., under the base cabinets?