I want to paint my standard metal teachers desk in my classrm. Ideas?

Lee Ann Wright
by Lee Ann Wright
Current description: Standard metal teachers desk.Black with fake wood top. Two drawers on right and a center top drawer for pencils, clips.....
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  • Kim Bahr Kim Bahr on Jan 04, 2015
    First you will need to use some steel wool to rough it up. That way the paint will hold better. Find a paint that works well with metal. paint away. They do look great with a fresh coat of paint. If you want to paint the fake wood you can also paint it by taking a fine sand paper and sand it using the same pattern of back and forth. Find some wood paint that you like and paint away and seal with a good clear coat.
  • Kim Bahr Kim Bahr on Jan 04, 2015
    It might take a few coats for both the wood and metal @Lee Ann Wright. Spray paint for metal might work well for the metal part.
  • Anna Anna on Jan 04, 2015
    Spray paint using paint for metal. Several light coats will work much better than one heavy.
  • Kathy Berta-Elkins Kathy Berta-Elkins on Jan 04, 2015
    Why not let the kids cover the front part with their hand prints and then do the rest to look like a composition pad.
  • Janice Goff Janice Goff on Jan 05, 2015
    Heavy Metal Desk ! Turned on top put rug under and pushed outside. MY PROCESS ~ Washed with TSP / Dried / Spray Painted with Rustoleum X2 Khaki / Spray Paint on Rag and pulled "wood grain" Rustoleum X2 Warm Caramel / Spray Paint on Rag edging Rustoleum X2 Paprika / Topped w/ Varathane Spar Urethane ~ Fastest Drying ~ No Odor ~ Outdoor ~ Water Based Semi Gloss ~ 2 Coats ( I use this on everything) / Removed old handles made new wood ones.
  • Victoria Victoria on Jan 05, 2015
    The easy way: Sand it with steal wool and prime it well then... the sky is the limits!!... you can spray paint it in any colour you'd like or can find. The moderate way: sand and prime and then use chalk paint on the top to create a distressed look or even fake wood grain. See my last project to see how. http://www.hometalk.com/diy/kitchen-dining/kitchen-dining-furniture/diy-dining-table-makeover-tutorial-6419507
  • Lucinda Lucinda on Jan 05, 2015
    You might check with an automotive body shop that does spray work. If you aren't in a hurry and they are spraying a color that you like, you might be able to get it done inexpensively! It would also depend on the top, if it could be sprayed or removed.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 06, 2015
    You probably don't have a lot of time to mess around with it. I'd just get a high quality spray paint specifically for metal. Then coat with spray Varathane for extra protection. If it chips, get the kids to do an art project on it.