What paint is used for shabby chic furniture?

Lisa McSheehy
by Lisa McSheehy
I see chalk paints but I don't know what to use for an old dresser to make it look shabby chic.
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  • Peggy Meidinger Peggy Meidinger on Sep 06, 2015
    there are tons of chalk based paints on the market right now and most are pretty good but i like Annie Sloan's the best. its amazing and requires NO prep work... no sanding or priming on wood, metal, veneers... so easy. there are lots of how-to videos on youtube that will give you great tips. feel free to see my page on facebook for more info. you can message me there with any questions you have, too :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Serendipity/539568952757811
  • JannG JannG on Sep 06, 2015
    I have to admit, I've never used Annie Sloan because of the price. I noticed that Home Depot offers a couple of brands. A little chalk paint covers much more that regular paint. If it were me, I'd try the Americana Decor. I've used their craft paint and it's a good product. Or you can always make your own. You can search online for recipes. One word of caution, whatever you do DO NOT make it with any of the paint with primer combinations. You want JUST latex paint, no primer. A small sample jar of latex paint (any sheen will do) and some joint compound is about all you need.
  • Shari Shari on Sep 06, 2015
    The shabby chic look can be achieved with any type of paint...chalk paint (homemade or one of the commercial brands), milk paint, and even regular interior latex paint. Some shabby chic looking furniture is "distressed" (sanded in spots to reveal the wood where wear and tear would naturally happen), and some is not. Some pieces are glazed or "antiqued" to make the painted piece appear older, and some are not. Distressing and glazing are personal choices. Typically, I do not like that look for the shabby chic/cottagey-style furniture in my home so I don't use the distressing and glazing techniques. I have used Annie Sloan chalk paint and I am NOT a fan. I've also used Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint and I like that fairly well but I always seem to come back to latex paint. It's easy to work with, it's durable, affordable, the color choices are endless, there are several sheen choices to pick from, it does not require waxing or a top coat like chalk or milk paint, and you can buy it almost anywhere. Most of my painted furniture has been done with latex paint. Contrary to popular belief, latex paint does not really require much prep work and tedious sanding is absolutely not required for most pieces. Generally, a good wipe-down with "liquid sandpaper" (aka "deglosser") and a couple thin coats of a good bonding primer is really all you need to do to ensure good adhesion of latex paint. Do you have a picture of the look you want to achieve on your dresser? If you post it, we can give you pointers on how to achieve that look.
  • Suzanne Suzanne on Sep 06, 2015
    Usually use store own brand chalk paint. As long as the furniture is cleaned and dust free, I slap the 1st coat on quickly, not worrying too much, once dry the 2nd coat I apply bit more carefully . Making sure it is dry, using fine sandpaper , gently 'shabby' any where the furniture would be naturally aged over time.. Don't be scared about this, just go for it, ! Depending on what finish I want, I usually finish with wax or a few coats of clear varnish.
  • Amber Lennox Amber Lennox on Sep 06, 2015
    I have used recipes on facebook to make my own chalk paint. Best success for me was the one with drywall mud. Also Vasaline in a few places to take some of the paint off with a different look.
  • Peggy Masterson Peggy Masterson on Sep 06, 2015
    Annie Sloan is really great paint.. but if you have trouble finding it, you might also consider RethunkJunk chalk paint. It can be found on line and in some stores. Very good quality and a little more affordable than Annie's. Hope this helps a little