Asked on Oct 01, 2016

Primer for painting glass with acrylic paint

by Flossie
Does anyone know if I can use gesso as a primer for glass? If not which primer is the best to use. Thank you.
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  • William William on Oct 01, 2016
    Gesso is use as a topcoat on canvas before painting. You do not need to prime glass for painting. Just clean the glass with vinegar, water and liquid soap. Dry completely. Make sure you use paint made for glass
  • Stanleylwright Stanleylwright on Oct 02, 2016
    yes is true, gesso isn't good for glass. There are "a lot" of acrylic paints that are made to use on glass. Some of them are even dish washer safe. Walmart sells the paints if you have a store close to you. GOOD LUCK, I hope this helps you.
  • Eileen B. Eileen B. on Oct 02, 2016
    I used acrylic craft paint and then sealed with 4 coats with sealant for glass
  • Geri Ann Geri Ann on Oct 02, 2016
    Glass doesn't need a primer. You can use paint made for glass. I've always liked acrylic paints better and then seal with poly.
  • Painthead Painthead on Oct 08, 2016
    I'm an artist who paints on glass alot. This product is the best.
  • MaryKY MaryKY on Oct 08, 2016
    Most multisurface acrylic paints work on glass. You can also buy glass and tile medium at most craft stores to give your paint extra adhesion. DecoArt has a great line of chalky finish paints made just for glass.
  • Kathy Johns Kathy Johns on Dec 02, 2019

    I painted a clear jar with acrylic paint. Several coats and looked great. Put lights in it and its horrible... streaky, uneven and awful.

    I cleaned with rubbing alcohol first and painted with a foam brush.